Thankyou for saving me

Before I met you I was stuck in a rut

Not knowing which route to take

I don't believe meeting you was just a stroke of luck

I would say it's more like fate

Without you I wouldn't have got this far

You showed me better ways to deal

Things I would never have done before

Things that would help me begin to heal

Even though I seem to always have setbacks

And revert back to my old ways

Because of you I know my life is not my past

No matter what my mind tries to say

I know it must be so hard bring my friend

I know I'm not the easiest person to keep close

I can't express how much you are a godsend

You stick by me for reasons only you know

Sometimes I know I push you away

Not because I don't love you

I really want you to stay

But because you deserve

More than what I do

I don't want you to worry or feel like you have to look after me

I want for you to be able to lean on me too because that's what friendship is supposed to be.

I know that if you stick by me a little longer

And it could be a while

But I will get stronger

And il be able to make you smile


Thankyou for all you do

Thankyou for being you




    WELCOME MARIANNE (lovely name !) ~ This is a very beautiful first poem and it sends out a very fragrant message ~ straight from your heart ~ THAT'S WHAT A BEST FRIEND IS FOR ! Understanding ~ Mutual support ~ Being there when there is no one else etc. You are both fortunate to have each other to care and share. It's not fate she is your Guardian Angel in Human Form ! Thank GOD for her each day. I love each of my Friends (Yin & Yang) and I do remember to thanks them for their support ~ HUGS BRIAN (UK) Please check my poems ~ Thanks B

    • Marianne

      I do thank God every day for her 😆 thankyou x

      • orchidee

        I dunno these Yin and Yang guys (or lassies?) much Bri (lol).Dunno if they have much influence really.

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      • wolf10

        Wow , Such a beautiful poem .

        • Marianne

          Thankyou ☺

        • orchidee

          Good write.

          • Marianne

            Thankyou x

          • P.H.Rose

            This is also very good
            Marianne, I have never
            Had a best friend
            The closest to that
            For me is my family

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