Everlasting Love

Love is flawed and complex,

often destroying people with its effects.

It works in many intricate ways

leaving hopeless romantics in a daze.


We believed our story would differ from the rest.

We truly considered our journey to the be best.

We fell in love quickly, probably too soon,

but we complimented each other like the sun and the moon.


But as quickly as we fell in love, our love fell apart.

Maybe our love was doomed to end from the very start.

Love is born only to inevitably die;

people say hello just to eventually say goodbye.


We were two deceiving puzzle pieces,

and regardless of us being individual masterpieces,

we could never complete each other, I admit,

even though at first glance we seemed to fit.


Love is mistaken and unfair,

shattering hearts hearts beyond repair.

No matter how ideal a pair may seem,

true everlasting love is only but a dream.


  • brandon k f

    Very emotive, good first poem

    • kiersten

      thank you(:

    • ron parrish aka wordman

      ahh ! it is real,you just need to know where to find it

      • kiersten

        Yeah. I do believe "the one" is out there; the journey to find them is filled with heartbreak and it's just frustrating haha

      • elchupacabra

        This made me feel a lot...We love and we lose. But people have always done that. I am no optimist but I can assure you it's impossible to love without the ability to lose something, just like it's impossible to live without the ability to die. Flawed and complex doesn't mean bad.

        • kiersten

          you right

        • BRIAN & ANGELA

          WELCOME KIERSTEN ~ Thank you for your first poem ~ which poses many questions but (like all unrequited love poems) provides few answers ! I love the elegant structure of your poem ~ five neat quatrains in rhyming couplets ~ my fave rhyming pattern. Since being a Teen (a few years ago !) I have fallen IN & OUT of LOVE several times and parting is always "such sweet sorrow" ! The content and message of your poem will resonate in many of our Members hearts ! My current GF and I are very compatible and our love is as TRUE as it can be ~ but EVERLASTING ? only time will tell ! My philosophy is (despite the Agony & Ecstasy of being in and out of Love) is better to have Loved & Lost than never to have loved at all' I have always learned something positive fro all my relationships with a variety of Ladies ! Thanks for sharing and caring ~ Yours BRIAN (UK) Please check my poems ~ Thanks B.

          • kiersten

            thank you(: and I agree with all of the heartbreaks come valuable lessons

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