Be My Lover

Be my lover...
Like the sun is to the sky on a summer day.
Like when you put the cherry on top of a sundae and it's finally complete.
Like when the moon kisses the night sky and sparkles with the stars..

BETTER THAN ALL your other lovers ~ in
EVERY WAY ! Loving you & cherishing you in
MY LOVING ARMS every hour of every day
YOU will be my Princess dressed in silk & lace
LOVED with a passion ~ hugged & kissed all
OVER by someone who really loves you. You are
VERY BEAUTIFUL and very Precious and worthy of
EVERY aspect of my Love ? I will satisfy and really
RELISH YOU ~ Body ~ Soul ~ Spirit ~ completely !
This poem is presented as an Acrostic BE MY LOVER !

As grape is to vine, be mine.
As shine is to glaze, be mine always.
As shine is to glaze, be mine always.
As grape is to vine, be mine.
As cloud is to sky, till I die.

Be my lover. Not in a jealous sense but in a real sense. No need to wonder whether you're coming home because I know you are mine. Imagine that... unconditional love. To be taken care of. Love deeply and knowing I am yours...you are mine.
Be my lover.

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