Foggy Fever

Notice of absence from WriteBeLight
Here I go again .... have to be away for awhile. Not very long, though. Family, home and work are pulling me away, for now. Do not worry. With the exception of family and home, I will not let work take from me too much time to do what I love.... compose poetry. :)

Is it the weather?

Or, is it just me?

Want to close my eyes,

Just sit here and be.


I feel just like I’m in,

The foggiest of fogs.

I think 3 cups of Java,

Most likely is the cause?


I usually drink more water,

Along with the caffine.

It could just be Spring Fever,

The culprit, I’m thinking.


Ah, to sit in the Sun,

Soak up those rays.

Have a look of sun-kissed,

When, inside at my desk.


But, it’s only mid-week,

Few more days to go.

Still feel like a good nap,

Would be the best approach.


So, I’ll eat my lunch salad,

Lots of water, take in.

Open up the plastic bottle,

That holds my vitamins.


Back to work I go,

Focus on the task at hand.

Sunshine out there beckons,

Quitting time at 5 sounds grand!


  • willyweed

    sounds more like spring fever, two scoops of ice cream and call me in the morning.

  • Goldfinch60

    Good write, I no longer have this problem as being retired from work I am no longer guided by the clock.

    • WriteBeLight

      I am looking forward to it as I write this! Thanks Goldfinch!

    • orchidee

      Hay fever there?

      • WriteBeLight

        That too! Thanks orchidee :)

      • Michael Edwards

        and not a problem from me either - gone are the days of being at the office at 7.30 in the morning going home at 5pm having dinner and then getting out the paperwork - oh and no time to stop for lunch - what is lunch - and phone calls from the hospital in the middle of the night seeking advice on some legal issue or other (hospitals work round the clock) - and now I put my feet up write paint and drink wine.

        • WriteBeLight

          A glass sounds great right now! Cheers and Thanks Michael. I am glad you are happy in your more quiet life :)

        • Christina S

          Wonderfully written poem. I have become recently busy and have wacky hours. I have spring fever as well! Great write! Hope spring gets here even faster for the both of us!

          • WriteBeLight

            Thanks Christina! I hope that Spring stays. Have had days that have been great, but others raw and windy. May is only a few days away. Thanks again!

          • MendedFences27

            Time is a precious commodity. We work, eat and sleep and there is no time for leisure. Grab every second you can for yourself and enjoy them in any way you can. Your poem is a great expression of the workforce's dilemma, survival vs. leisure. TGIF - Phil A.

            • WriteBeLight

              Thanks Phil. And, TGIF to you too! I try to take the time I can for myself and enjoy every second. You are so correct!

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