When Love comes

When she comes
You will know

But she won’t say hello
She just smiles

With her eyes
And when your spirit flies

You take the chance
You do the dance

And you find you are surprised
Your heart is set afire

In your soul is the desire
To have and hold this love

Then she goes
And you cry

But she won’t says good-bye
Then someday

In some way
You see it never ends




    • willyweed

      Ah the reward makes it worthwhile, yes?

    • Carol Coelho

      Really good poem. I like the structure and the content. Don't stop writting.

      • willyweed

        Thank You glad you enjoyed it! ww

      • orchidee

        A fine write W.

        • willyweed

          Thank You O!

        • Diamond

          This resonates with my today's thoughts....an amazing feeling, this poem give me. Thank you.

        • willyweed

          well I am thrilled you are amazed that's always a nice feeling! Thank you for reading and commenting
          shine on Diamond!

        • Warded Seabee

          Nicely done!

          • willyweed

            Thank you I appreciate that!

          • Michael Edwards

            great stuff and love the tempo of it.

            • willyweed

              yes Thank You Michael, for the comment!

            • Christina S

              Beautiful poem. I love the picture at the top! I like how you ended it with " you see it never ends". Great job!

              • willyweed

                Thank you Christina I appreciate your reading, I hope you feel well today?

                • Christina S

                  Sorry for such a late reply, I've been so busy! I'm great! Thanks for asking!

                • WriteBeLight

                  Love at first sight! Hope it works out :)

                  • willyweed

                    Love I think is worth the risk, Thank you WBL you doing good tonight?

                    • WriteBeLight

                      Yes WW. Had a rough day, but am ready to face the next one. Thanks.

                    • MendedFences27

                      So true. Sometimes you never realize it's happening. Great write. Loved it. - Phil A.

                      • willyweed

                        yes it happens when it happens without control! Thanks Phil!

                      • Goldfinch60

                        Very good write and so very true. It never ends as my wife and I can show.

                        • willyweed

                          yes when its true it lasts forever! !Thank you GF

                        • Micalina

                          Brilliant poem.

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