Driven Drive

Notice of absence from WriteBeLight
Hello all of my poet pals. I will be gone for a while, so I will not be posting anything. Just wanted to let you know. Ta Ta for now :) I will miss you while I am gone.

I am driven to be fair.

I am driven to be kind.

Not such easy things to do,

Each and every time.


I am driven to be productive,

Not let others waste my time.

Be distracted by distractions,

That suck brains cells of mine.


There’s a time for social fun,

For laughter and for jokes.

To sit and shoot the breeze,

But, too much, my mood’s provoked.


There’s always that gnawing feeling,

That lost time is un-retrieved.

You’ll end up on the short end,

There’s always less than you need.


And, you’ll look back in disgust,

Distractions got the better of you.

Leaving you without the resources,

To get all things done, you needed to.


  • Goldfinch60

    One of the beauties of retirement is the ability to waste time and not get taken to task for it.
    I do remember when it wasn't so.

  • Goldfinch60

    Good write by the way.

  • Garry

    Wastibg time is a much underated skill.

  • willyweed

    time is very hard to manage, at times?

    • WriteBeLight

      I don't know. I don't have time to think about it :) Thanks WW!

    • ephraim crud

      inert activity is top of me list
      oh, except for vodka and gettin' well...
      i can't remember. good write, WBL.

      • WriteBeLight

        Mine is trying to avoid being distracted :) Thanks!

      • Michael Edwards

        If, at the end of the day, I can say I've achieved something today no matter how small then its not been a wasted day- I'm sure you achieve something worthwhile every day WBL

        • WriteBeLight

          Try my best and Thanks Michael!

        • orchidee

          You not got time to think about if you may be wasting time? You was saying.... but then you was distracted? Did another distraction then come along, to distract you even more? And have you got time to consider if I'm wasting time by waffling here?! I wish I would shut up! heehee. Good write.

          • WriteBeLight

            Thanks orchidee! I always have time for you and others here :)

          • orchidee

            I dunno how I thought up all that rubbish (waffle!) of that verbal garbage (my other comment!) lol.

          • notapoet

            Great write WBL, enjoyed it very much.

            • WriteBeLight

              Hey NAP! Thanks. Nice to see you again. I appreciate your visit :)

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