Peregrine Pride


Hattie and Orton,

Sit on their speckled eggs.

Soon, three little ones,

Will show their feathered heads.


Peregrine Falcons,

At the Mayo Clinic,

A 30-year Program,

Successful and winning.


Since 1987,

Rochester’s their home.

Minnesota’s tall buildings,

Where they’ve thrived and flown.


Begin nesting in mid-March,

Until late-June, their done.

No matter the conditions,

Serious work, and no fun.


The three little Falcons,

Should pip 5th of May.

Takes 24 – 36 hours,

To see the light of day.


Hattie is named after,

Dr. Mayo’s wife.

Her name means hearth keeper,

Home ruler, day to night.



Orton’s named after,

Town of granite, color rose.

Stone of its City Hall,

Beautiful rock to behold.


So, as Hattie sits tight,

Orton will hunt food.

For the two of them now,

But, soon, for their brood.


A bell tower nearby,

Chimes its bells each hour.

So loud is the sound,

But, Hattie doesn’t cower.


She does her due diligence,

Keeping the eggs warm.

Safe from the predators,

As, inside her babes form.


Very soon hatch together,

New to this proud Town,

To someday fledge a family,

Peregrines of their own.


You can watch Hattie and Orton by copying and pasting, into your browser, the link below:




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  • Published: April 23rd, 2017 06:09
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    Thanks HONEY ~ Beautiful Birds ~ Beautiful Poem ! I have visited the MAYO ~ great Medical Centre I didn't know they had an Avian Ward ! Will check viseo link. Thanks for caring ~ Hugs BRIAN Please check my Poem and my Fusion on Cities ~ Thanks B.

    • WriteBeLight

      Thanks Dear Brian! It is a beautiful place with a lot of artwork, as I am sure you know. I really enjoy watching the Mom get ready to have her brood. Have not yet seen the Dad, however. Thanks again!

    • orchidee

      A fine write. We've some huge kites that pass by now and again. Birds, that is, not the other sort. Oh do shut up, I tell myself! lol.

      • WriteBeLight

        I did not get to see the Peregrines flying around when I was there, but I am planning on watching the live stream of them getting ready to hatch! Thanks orichidee!

        • orchidee

          I saw a wood-pigeon, but it didn't move - cos it was made of wood! These jokes get cornier! heehee.

        • Fay Slimm.

          Ah - I loved this poetic account of caring for Perigrine offspring - such wonderful birds and thanks for sharing.

          • WriteBeLight

            Thank you Fay! I am planning on keeping an eye on them. Cannot wait to see the babies!

          • P.H.Rose

            Really lovely poem WBL
            I've got a little story tell you
            Last week I woke up, went
            Down stairs to my kitchen
            To make my morning cuppa
            As I looked out of the window
            I couldn't believe what I was watching a hawk was eating
            A smaller bird on my lawn.
            I was told it was a hawk as
            They eat their pray when they
            Catch it... it only left feathers
            On my lawn, not a bit of the bird
            True story....

            • WriteBeLight

              Wow amazing. I can visualize what you saw. I saw a hawk take a female Grosbeak right off the feeder to have as its lunch. I was shocked. But, that is Mother Nature I suppose. Thanks P.H. for the story and comment!

            • Goldfinch60

              Peregrines are wonderful birds. We have them in several places near to me and I have watched them in all their glory.
              Good write WBL.

              • WriteBeLight

                Thanks Goldfinch! I got that opportunity to go to another part of the country and was particularly interested in the different varieties of birds as compared to New England. They are very powerful and beautiful. Thanks for the comment!

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