NEVER_LOSE_HOPE/ rachel...

people always tell me
"its in the past"
my mind does not think that
it wants memories to last

they told me
"hold your head up be strong"
they dont understand
its lasted too long

you'll never understand
the way he gripped my thighs
the way he looked at me
like i was his prize

my eyes are sad
my lips are sealed
i cant say a word
my heart never healed

scars upon my hips
they'll stay there forever
words upon my lips
i cant tell not now not ever

  • Author: NEVER_LOSE_HOPE/ rachel... (Offline Offline)
  • Published: April 29th, 2017 15:35
  • Comment from author about the poem: something i went through last year, still sufferng
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  • Dave poet

    something so horrific
    Please believe me
    Not all men are like that.
    You're strong.


    Thanks for sharing & caring RACHEL ~ some of us Men do understand. In my book a Ladies "Mound of Venus" is a very sacred place and to violate it ~ in any way ~ is the greatest insult and damage a Man can do to Lady. Rape of a Virgin ~ deserves the Death Penalty ~ or at the very least castration ~ as does he Rape of a non-Virgin. I am a Student Councilor and in my experience a Lady never gets over it ~ some self harm and some take their own lives. It does not just harm a girl physically and biologically (and she may have to undergo an abortion) but the damage is also psychological an emotional and it it is that aspect of the damage which is permanent. Intercourse without consent ~ is a very serious violation of the female irrespective of her age or sexual experience and should never be tolerated or dismissed ~ Yours Friend BRIAN

    • NEVER_LOSE_HOPE/ rachel...

      thankyou for being so supportive brian. i appriciate it so much. ive ben through a hell of alot thee past couple years. i dont understand why all the men i have been with are just so obseessed with sex. they literally crave it.

      • BRIAN & ANGELA

        Thanks RACHEL ~ You are very brave to share your story of Physical & Mental abuse and I trust you found it cathartic. Being a GENTLE~MAN I apologise on behalf of those who have abused you ~ because they never will. One of the problems in the 21st C is that what many Men watch on line is (in my opinion) quite sadistic sex and they opt for that rather than "gentle" sex with lots of tenderness and foreplay and afterglow etc. They are rough in coitus and expect to hurt the lady and for her to scream and they expect oral and anal which is anathema to many Ladies. The result is Men only enjoy the aggressiveness of Sex and even married Ladies are put off by their spouses obsession with abnormal Sex and aggression especially if they are drunk. Thinking of you and Praying for you that your physical & mental wounds will heal and that you will meet a Gentle~man who will cherish and really love you for your inner self and not just your body. Every Blessing ~ Your Friend BRIAN

      • BeckyJo

        Time does take the sting away. It will never leave. 40 years since the last time my step monster took part of my ability to bond. 7 years he took. To say it goes away is just plane stupid. It will be ok. You will have some peace. I'm thinking you might want to say what you don't want to...when u r ready.

        • NEVER_LOSE_HOPE/ rachel...

          it leaves a scar. not just on your body but it leaves it in your mind. i used to think to myself "whats the point in trying if they already succeeded.

        • LML

          Omg this made me cry. I had bruises on my thighs too. People keep telling me that all the time. It's so heart breaking. One person even made me feel like it was my fault. But they're dumb. And what u went threw is real and horrible. And don't let them tell u anything less

          • NEVER_LOSE_HOPE/ rachel...

            thanks for your support. its been a while. its hard to trust people when i am being tortured almost every time i get into a relationship.

            • NEVER_LOSE_HOPE/ rachel...

              well if you need anyone to talk to i am here for you.

              • LML

                Thanks same 2 u. I'm going to delete the message so others don't read it

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