P ARSNIPS ~ lovely sweet veggie ~ always peel
A ND boil well ~ mash with butter and serve hot
R EMEMBER to use Parsnips when you make soup
S OUP made with potato is thick and tasteless ~ so I
N EVER use potato in soup ~ always Parsnips and also
I NEVER roast and harden Parsnips ~ delicate in structure
P ARSNIPS ~ should be handled gently and lovingly like a LADY
S O I like to grow my own ~ pamper them ~ process them and ENJOY !
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Prepare it any way, this
Oval root
Tickles the tastebuds,
Adds delicious flavor,
Tempting you for more, it's an
Outstanding vegatable

I’d chose the pepper when it comes to fruit
Whatever your taste there’s something to suit
From mild to sweet to hot to acute.
The humble pepper I salute.
The mushroom is a favourite vegetable of mine
Cook it how you like – any way’s fine
I even like it raw – it’s a tasty nibble
But it’s strictly not a vegetable and that’s official

i'm not Byronic nor a sad blancmange
though me legs are often like jelly
nor am i an anorectic stick insect
'cos i've coughed 'n threw-up a Delhi.
me Uncle Wilbur's cracked his head gasket
and blown his big-end and carb
and dear Aunt Maud likes to fondle her melons
and i've always rated rhubarb.
no, i'm not Byronic nor a sad blancmange
though perhaps a trifle ga-ga
nor am i an anoraked sex maniac
but i'd love to rifle Miss Zsa Zsa.
me Uncle Wilbur's beloved Morris Minor's
been scrapped and replaced by a Saab
and Lily Tappet loves cucs and bananas
-but i've always rated rhubarb.

PINEAPPLES are an awesome fruit
I love them raw or cooked
Nothing tastes like a Pineapple
Eat one you're forever hooked !
Always include one your fruit salad
Pineapples are the subject of this ballad
Pineapples growing in Hawaii
Love to cut them freshly from the ground
Everyone is luscious ~ bursts with juice
Sure Pineapples ~ as lovely as they sound.
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An apple a day keeps the doctor away
Full of vitamins to keep illness at bay.
They come in different flavors and colors.
If you don't like one variety, try another!

o, it's no fun for one who's a tuber
one can't play the tuba or scuba,
yet i suffer neurosis
and tuberculosis
wi'out so-much-as a whiff from cuba.
no, it's no fun being a potato
one's lost to read ted hughes or plato,
and, once plucked from the field
i'll be scrubbed and be peeled
like the countries that go against nato.
aye, there's no joy if your lot's a spud
being boiled, mashed and chewed like the cud.
though, that being said,
if left in my bed
i would merely decay in the mud.
so, either way as a spud it don't pay
the outlook is grim, not au fait.
i'll fry, roast or moulder
with a chip on my shoulder
cos the end game is crap, come what may.

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