Like thinking

Like Thinking



It was far away removed in time

back when we were young and so inclined.

I was steaming Tuesday Weld

and you were dreaming Elvis.

We would meet at record hops

dance the mashed potato and the twist

but, we had the same thing on our minds.


It was many years ago

when we were young and so inclined.

I’d returned from Montreal

and you from Mexico.

We would go to “all-night’ clubs and dance to disco

but, we had the same thing on our minds.


In the good ol’ days we left behind

we were middle-aged but still inclined.

We were married then with no place to go.

So we’d stay at home, put the kids to sleep

throw in a C.D. and line dance or maybe do the Robo

but, we had the same thing on our minds.


It was not that long ago

we weren’t as young nor as inclined.

The kids were grown and had their own homes.

So we’d meet in time for our favorite TV shows

She liked Downton Abby and I watched The Sopranos.

We did not have the same thing on our minds.


It was barely yesterday

we were old and not inclined.

We held our trembling hands entwined

spoke softly as I said, “I love you”

for what was the final time.

It was the last thing on our minds.


  • Michael Edwards

    My full attention too. Luckily we still say 'I love you' and will be saying it again and, I am sure, again. By the way we've never watched Downton Abbey but currently are captured by 'Line Of Duty'.

  • Goldfinch60

    Wonderful write, my wife and I still say I Love you and it is always the last thing we say to each other as we go to sleep at night.

  • Neville

    this is so bloomin real.. so bloomin sad and so bloomin good .. Dont tell me this is made up either ... and wot is it about us pair eh' ...

    ... I've just started watching series six of the Sopranos, guess I must be late developer .....

    ... Neville

  • Fay Slimm.

    A sigh of a read about how a lifetime of being same-minded with someone special can end with a final "I love you" - sad but so touchingly well written Phil.

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