Michael Edwards


The rising wind blew fresh to shore

as it had done so oft before

water hid the soft white sand

that fringed the lonely arid land

the land of many shades of green

Its hills and vales as yet unseen

because we hadn't got that far

in consort with an ailing star


  • ephraim crud

    that disappeared before our eyes

    • Michael Edwards

      Great line given it seems to have closed - must have ticked a wrong box somewhere - last line:
      and now we cannot find the pies.

      I'll post it tomorrow.

    • ephraim crud

      nor the mayo and pickled eggs

      • Michael Edwards

        and I can't see where to put my legs
        and I think I've trodden on the pickled eggs.

      • valene

        pickled eggs to me sound yucky
        if you trodden on them aren't your feet mucky?!

      • Michael Edwards

        Yes mucky feet its all that mayo
        heigh ho, heigh ho, heigh ho, heigh ho.

      • P.H.Rose

        To return but once in a velvet moon

      • ephraim crud

        and sing a gumboil out of tune

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