I wallow in it
It secretes out of my pores
pale skin full of flaws.

Still, I shine
Like  a new penny
I'm pretty so men pick me up
Full of lust wishing to get lucky.

Pick me up
Put me back down
Forgotten in a dish with others like me
free for the taking
they all leave me
disappointed a penny isn't worth much.

They touch me excitedly
I'm covered in microscopic germs
from unclean hands
no such luck.


  • P.X. Vexxus

    Good work. Glad to see you don't let yourself be taken advantage of! The piece was well written, with a good circulation of vocabulary. Thanks! ~

    • audreewho

      thanks !! i surely do not.I love to write the dark side of the love and lust.what we all are ashamed or have sad memories aboout.thank you for the feedback

      • P.X. Vexxus

        You're welcome!

      • swingline

        Makes me want to shower . Unique view every man should read . There's two sides of a coin , there's heads and then there's the dark side of the tale .

        • audreewho

          thank you.i appreciate your take on my words.great to read a mans feedback and view of it.

        • Goldfinch60

          Good write.

          • audreewho

            thank you so much =)

          • BRIAN & ANGELA

            Thanks for a lovely sad and nostalgic poem ~ Memories are indeed made of this. Some LADIES forced to sell their bodies to survive often live in unhygienic conditions and the men who prey on them have no concern for their bodies inside or out. I have worked with the YMCA and we do see some very sad cases ! . Your poem is a reminder to protect and not exploit our ladies. I have never required to procure the services of a "Lady of the Night" but i have had offers ! Thanks for sharing MPS HUGS ~ BRIAN

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