Lizzy Renee

Write a stanza about one color of the rainbow an what it means to you.

Notice of absence from Lizzy Renee
End of the Year, Folks! if you want/need to contact me go to my personal E-Mail and use your Pseudonym so I know who you are. I might be back every once in a while, and definitely when the school year starts again. During the summer I am not allowed to go online unless I have special permission to do so. This is why I must leave for now. But until we meet again! (Virtually)

Red: A color so true,
A color that symbolizes a rose,
So delicate and fragile.
The top of the rainbow, where most can see.

VIOLET is such a delicate shade
I LOVE all the others like Mauve & Puse
ONE meaning of Purple ~ Regal and Great !
LOYAL to GOD is another ~ so there's no excuse
EACH ONE must be loyal to his Mother and Brother
TRY to be careful whenever & wherever you wear PURPLE
Thanks for reading ~ please add your Color Poem

Plucked from a rainbow
colour number six
vibrant rich indigo
a colour to transfix
in the art of Mark Rothko.


  • Damaged Soul/Kindred Spirit

    A rainbow is a covenant a promise from above,,
    He spoke it to Noah, and sealed it with color and love,,

    Never again would all be destroyed by deluge,,
    This promise from God for mankind, being huge,,

    Each civilization has tales of this very thing,,
    That is why it did happen, and of truth it rings,,

    We can count on His promise now each time we gaze,,
    Upon the wonder of the rainbow, beauty set ablaze,

  • Damaged Soul/Kindred Spirit

    Lizzy, you are as cool as a Yeti eating g frozen spaghetti. ; •)

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