The Child

A little girl follows me around,

She always walks in leaps and bounds,

The joyful mess of a little sprite,

Holding true to all that's light,

She's my shadow from dusk 'til dawn,

Observing with the young eyes of a fawn,

No matter where we are she sings,

And giggles at the silliest things,


Though anymore she exists only in my head,

Sometimes she is heard and seen through little things I've said,


If sometimes in faint glimmers,

And only shadows passing by,

I've grown quite glad I have her,

Forever by my side,


For when I see an old doll,

That's been long gone since I was small,

Her face lights up like a Christmas tree,

Relieving all my stress and misery,

Until another day,


Even in my saddest blues,

I can still hear the music,

Of her angelic tunes,

Which keep peace so I don't lose it,


But with time the singing has stopped,

I turn around to find she's lost,

Until I realize the ill grey figure on the floor,

I stare, suddenly I recognize her no more,

Some faint feeling of remembrance forces my ask,

"What's wrong?",

I say and she responds,

"I'm very sick," she states while stifling crying,

"I'm not getting better, I think I'm dying",

She lies against the wall while sweat forms on her brow,

"You don't need me anymore, I can go now",


I look to many people on the crowded street,

I try to catch their eyes, but their gazes never meet,

Her, the dying girl at my feet,


They can't see her and I can't save her,

So I watch as Death takes her by the hand,

I weep, and watch her escape this dreadful land,


I wipe my eyes and wistfully smile,

Knowing that, at least for a while,

I won't see this part of me again,

This hidden part, lying deep within,

The child.



    WELCOME JESSIE ~ Thanks for sharing you first poem. It is elegant in structure pulsating with rhyme & rhythm which makes it exciting to read and easy to recite. The subject is enthralling to read an something all of us (30+) can relate ~ the cute little Girl and the boisterous little Boy inside us gradually fades and dies. This is indeed very very sad ~ we can lose our sense of fun and innocence ! HOWEVER ~ (AS YOU INDICATE) I have notice that friends of mine who have young children do themselves become like little Girls and little Boys again ! Thanks for your explanation and thanks for caring. Yours BRIAN (UK) Please check my Poems ~ thanks b.

    • Jessie

      Thank you for such a positive and thoughtful comment. Checking out your poems now...

    • Gary Edward Geraci

      I personally read a refreshing, pro-life, perspective out of your poem Jesse. Thank you for conveying the immense and unrepeatable value that a child's life represents. For us to know that child within we must first know and be able to appreciate other's children: brothers or sisters, nephews and nieces, cousins, our friend's children....

    • Goldfinch60

      Good write, we all have that 'little child' within us.

    • WriteBeLight

      So beautiful and poignant Jessie! Wonderful poetry. Great point of view and approach. So many can relate 🙂

    • Pierre Walter Riony

      Reading this poem brings me back to my childhood, the peaceful times in Tibet where I frequently watched over my family's goats. I remember conversing with the kind Chinese monks every Sunday and making it back home for tea. What beautiful memories.. Thank you madam for this true gift you have blessed us all with

      Greetings and Gratitude from UK

      • Jessie

        Oh, Pierre.

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