Samreen Chowdhury

Love your self

How many more times are you going to stop your self?

not drinking not eating not sleeping not thinking,

whats the matter with you, put your mind in the right state and reitrite what's your name, take notice in your identity and remember who you are.

theres not many out there who get to live the life your living right now. Life's hard? It's hard every where, the term "hard" doesn't accosite only to you it belongs to every soul that's living in this world. Maybe you watch people being happy and laugh but don't forget you can't tell what's going on within their soul, maybe they're living a life much better than yours but stresses from conflicts at home.

you see us humans we lack the purpose because it's hard to believe in our self as we don't love our self, we can't find the reason why but the only possible answer is that we got to set our standards high. 

take another moment and congratulate your self for being who you are today, hate your self? Remove that mask and love your self, be the bird that's free and be the wind that's calm, because you'll never know when you'll hear the death alarm. 



    Thanks SAM ~ I love this Poem ~ and I do count my Blessings and when I look at Global Statistics ~ I realise I am much better off than 90% of people on this planet ! I have flat to live in ~ a car to drive ~ a job I like and an extended Family ~ Who love ME (warts and all !) ~ Friends (YIN & YANG) who I can Party with and Faith in a GOD who created me just the way I am ~ with a little help from my DAD and nine months of inconvenience and some pain from my MUM. God said "Love your neighbour as much as you love yourself !" So the more SELF RESPECT & SELF ESTEEM I have the more I can love all my Friends on MPS. Thanks for reminding us what we have and how blessed we really are ~ Grateful Hugs ~ BRIAN Please check my Poems ~ Thanks B.

  • NikitaPassmore

    I love this

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