Eyes that shine with elaborate humor for every word
Arms strong enough to hold my whole world
And still be the center of it
I may not be like everyone else
Write like them
Talk like them
Love like them
But you still smile every time you see me
Like I light your whole body with a rush of thrill
Platonic or romantic of which you are ignorant to
And I love you

Are an Angel
Sent from Heaven
Sent for me ~ me alone
Your hair is soft as velvet
Your eyes are pools of pure love
Your lips ~ kisses taste like Paradise
Your whole body throbs with love
Until I met you ANGELA
I never knew Love
Now I really do

You and me
From when we first met
You and I were to be
You and me

And I love you

One beautiful witch
I fall when your emotions switch
You one crazy tiger
I am the one always to fear
You one happiest girl
Your actions make eyes swirl
You one sweetest candy
I began to wear trendy
You one tasty dish
Marrying you is my only wish
You are one shining star
Even a step from you is too far
Whenever you hold my hands
I repeat the same sentence
I love you..

Eyes like glass that catch the rain,
And pour it into the sky,
To fill the night with hallow stars,
Born of happiness alight,
And a touch like wind,
To grace my skin,
With a chill born not of cold,
But of something much more bold,
It has no name,
This passion filled my soul,
Except that which every man should know,
That name is you,
And you alone.

The one who promises to always be there for me
The one who would wipe the tears from my eyes
The one who causes the tears that I cry
The one who I love and hate at the same time
The one who makes me wonder why
Why do I deserve a love like this
Why do YOU deserve a love like mine
I loved you

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