PEANUT BUTTER OK ~ A Rhyming Acrostic Sonnet !



PEANUT BUTTER ~ Food of Kings & Queens

EXCELLENT on toast ~ much less windy than baked beans

A SPOON of Peanut Butter ameliorates a Chicken

NUTRITIOUS FOOD and it is ~ really Finger Lickin'

UPMARKET FOOD ~ It is a real taste of Heaven

THE COOKIES with your coffee ~ each day at ELEVEN !  


BUTTER smooth or CHUNKY ~ stuffed with nuts

USE PB with popcorn ~ it's so good for you guts

THE KING ~ Elvis Presley ~ loves Peanut Buter spread

THICK on his TOAST ~ Banana ~ Bacon in his BED !

EVERYBODY LOVES IT  ~ In in your Crepes or Browinies

REMEMBER  to chose it  ~ Country Folk & Townies


OK PEANUT BUTTER ~ is what we all need 



Thanks for visiting ~ Comments welcome ~ Love to all BRIAN  XOX

This poem was inspired by MANDI who posted a PB Poem Yesterday !



  • orchidee

    A fine write. Eek, except for those allergic to it!


      YES unfortuately PEANUT allergy can kill ~ so it gives PB a bad press. If its used in BUFFETS it has to be labelled DANGEROUS in big letters like a CROCODILE ! BRIAN

    • Michael Edwards

      I love it a bit too much - sometimes wish I was allergic to it for my waistline's sake - but on second thoughts it can't be much fun.


        Thanks MICHAEL ~ I'm not allergic to anything ~ thank GOD ! A PEANUT allergy is like a life sentence in a GASTRONOMIC HELL ! BRIAN !

      • swingline

        PB&J with a cold glass of milk
        that is a form of Paradise
        dressed up to the hilt .

        • BRIANSODES

          Thanks Friend ~ Sound like a Royal Midnight Feast ~ PB Rules gastronomically ~ OK ! BRIAN

        • Tony36

          A very tasty write my friend

          • BRIANSODES

            Thanks TONY pleased you savoured it ! BRIAN

            • Tony36


            • Christina S

              Very clever acrostic. "less windy than baked beans" gave me a good belly laugh!! You even gave a nod to Elvis! I just don't know how you get acrostics to rhyme. I vow one day to make one! Excellent job!! Hugs-Christina

              • BRIANSODES

                Thanks CHRIS ~ You spotted the best lines. My DAD is a WORDSMITH (Newspaperman) so I was brought up doing crossword puzzles etc which increases your vocabulary. It is logical the bigger your vocab the easier it is to write rhyming poetry. Thanks for your comment (and Hug !) MPS Hugs for you ~ BRIAN Please check my Fishy Fusion ~ Thanks B.

              • WriteBeLight

                Great one Brian.

                • BRIANSODES

                  Thanks HONEY ~ Pleased you liked it ~ Hugs from the PB Cookie Monster ~ BRIAN

                • Mandi

                  Love it ❤😊

                  • BRIANSODES

                    Thanks MANDI ~ pleased you loved it ~ I tried to be creative ! Yours BRIAN

                    • Mandi

                      Tried and succeeded😊

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