tear drops

NEVER_LOSE_HOPE/ rachel...

If I showed you my tear drops
Would you collect them like rain
Store them in jars
That are labelled with 'pain'

Would you follow their tracks
From my eyes down my cheeks
As they write all the stories
I'm scared to speak

Would you stop them with kisses
Bring the flow to a halt
As you teach me the pain I have
Isn't always my fault

Would you hold my face gently
As you wipe both my eyes
And whisper the words
"You're too precious to cry"

If I showed you my tear drops
Would you show me your own
And learn though we're lonely
We're never alone



    BEAUTIFUL RACHEL ~ Thanks for caring and sharing ! In my experience it is only when our teardrops mingle that we know we are truly LOVED ! You really are too precious to cry ~ alone ! Yours BRIAN Please check my Poems ~ Thanks B

  • Writings From The Unknown13

    this is so beautiful

  • swingline

    Captivating , endearing , beautifully said .

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