Notice of absence from WriteBeLight
Hello all of my poet pals. I will be gone for a while, so I will not be posting anything. Just wanted to let you know. Ta Ta for now :) I will miss you while I am gone.

Finally happy with myself,

With just me, today.

Wrote all of the checks,

Needed to pay my way.


I sit here content,

With my time at hand.

Continue for a while,

Before I get up and stand.


To place one foot in front,

In stride, before the other.

Moving ahead and forward,

With no worry or bother.


For, I have reached a point,

Very happy in my work.

Ignoring the petty,

Buffoons and jerks.


I cannot change people,

Can only change me.

I’m content with who I am,

Have peace of mind. Feel free.


  • Michael Edwards

    And try to relish every moment - well said WBL

    • WriteBeLight

      Have to try to Michael. You are right and thanks!

    • swingline

      A point that eludes most people . Cherish the moment for they seem to be fleeting .

      • WriteBeLight

        I agree swingline! Thanks.

      • Diamond

        Last stanza makes an impact. Nice piece.

        • WriteBeLight

          Appreciate your comment Diamond :)

        • BRIANSODES

          Contentment with Godliness ~ HONEY ~ is great gain. Bless you for lifting all our Spirits ~ Yours BRIAN

          • WriteBeLight

            Thanks very much Dear Brian. Like you do so often!

          • orchidee

            A fine write. Erm, as is said, un-hymn like: 'Don't let the b******s grind ya down'! oohh.

            • WriteBeLight

              You got that right orchidee! It is hard to do sometimes, but so rewarding when you put your mind to being happy! Thanks.

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