Willow Craven


Its hard to write in the harsh light

Of the sun through my window.

So to do this right, I wait 'till night,

Sat on my bed with a torch on low.

My mask falls in sync with the sun,

And guarded emotions become undone.

I think of you more. I can't help it.

I feel my chest or heart start to split.

I try to sleep, I really do,

But sometimes I'm too caught up in you,

Thoughts and memories and dreams of you,

Things I've had and will never have with you.

So I write things when I can't sleep,

Poems and songs I can hide and keep,

So when the lights not right for me to write on my bed,

I can read about you instead.


~ JustSomeGirl 


  • Hopey_xx

    Very nice write!


    Another beautiful POEM Angel ~ about the increasing intensity of your perfect love ! Things you have had ~ flood you mind with sensuous memories ! "Things you will never have" torment your heart and make you ask WHY ? Writing & rereading about your Lover (and the extent of your Love) is very cathartic and will give you release. Thinking of YOU ~ Yours BRIAN

    • Willow Craven

      Thank you, your feedback is always so positive, it really makes my day x

    • Augustus

      I like the theme and the picture created.

    • valene

      this is a poem that touched me in a personal way. i know how it feels to miss that someone special, and it's even harder on a beautiful sunny day when logically you know you should be taking advantage a the lovely day in someway, but you're missing that person a lot and you try to find distractions to help get you thru the day. it's not until the day ends, & the sun goes down that you finally give into your emotions and allow yourself to acknowledge the sadness and/or other feelings. writing about the person and you're emotional state is a good way to give yourself some relief from what you've kept bottled up. long story short, i'm glad you shared this and hope it was cathartic for you at least to some extent!

      • Willow Craven

        Thank you, writing can help in so many ways, your feedback means a lot

        • valene


        • Goldfinch60

          Very good write. The time to write is different in differing situations.

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