Before I Said Her Name

She says my name differently than it has ever been uttered before

She shapes each letter like a carpenter shaves down cherry wood 

Smooth edges, a sturdy base
When she says it out loud I feel like my name is a whole new language.
I feel like I have never heard it before

She covers my mouth with her hands and she whispers my name
Samantha, be quiet now
She covers my mouth with her mouth and silently pushes me on
Samantha, kiss me now

I could keep my mouth covered, closed all day
If she would just keep saying my name out loud
Quietly, gently, gruff, I don't care
I want to hear her call to me from the second I open my eyes to the minute they shut again,
And maybe after

I have bad dreams that she shuts her mouth, won't look at me, takes her hands off of my face
Bad dreams that she shuts the door before I can call her name out too
I think too much about her leaving me here
About her cutting up the letters of my name and saying it just like everyone else

I want her to make my name and love synonyms
I want her to remember what I would do to listen to her
Say my name over and over
Read the same poem 27 times
Sing that song I still haven't stopped listening to
I think I decided to fall in love with her before I ever said her name
I think I'm still falling even though I shouldn't be
I think I would love to say her name a million times more

I think she says my name differently than anyone else does
Covering my mouth
Speaking loudly enough that I can't hear the bad dreams




  • Frank Prem

    I think this is a good exploration of the subject Samantha. Well done.


    Thanks SAMANTHA (lovely name to say !) for another perfect ~"secret love" poem. As soon as my Lov er breathes my name I know our love is TRUE ~ Thanks for sharing ~ BRIAN

  • Louis Gibbs

    Really enjoyed this piece, SSCR. Well done expression of the effect of hearing our name from a lover's lips can have.

  • Confused kid

    Really good

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