The Foley


To modest souls, whose privates naught exposed man's member to remain covered, nor woman's nest discovered by none other than a mate, so ill prepared for happenings late. Some bodily functions are shutting down, your clothing traded for hospital gown. The renal system cleanses the blood. Now to the bladder these toxins are shoved. But if liquid yellow's exit is blocked, for the poisoned body the reaper will knock. From a golf course hole your doctor is called, a Foley catheter he wants installed. Meekness invaded by the hand of another, feelings to smother as the tube is placed, then the halls to pace, bagged fluid in hand trying to preserve what little modesty we can. Do we curse this Foley conduit, removing the kidney's waste, or do aging minds intuit, with relief we are graced.



Augustus / Seasons Hospice, Houston, Texas / May 2017


  • WriteBeLight

    Sometimes you just have no choice and have to let it all hang out. Great poetry, even with this subject matter Augustus!

    • Augustus

      I wonder if anyone has ever written poetry about catheters? Thanks.

      • WriteBeLight

        I love and miss you😄

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      • Fay Slimm.

        The intricate exposure which constantly takes over you express so bravely and so so cleverly - - discomfort is not to be taken lightly and you highlight its greed. A scene with pictures and verse which none will forget - keep up that warrior attitude dear friend. Thoughts and prayers are with you . xxx

        • Augustus

          Thanks for your understanding on this sensitive subject that rarely reaches the light. So sweet your words. Thanks.

        • P.H.Rose

          Utterly brilliant!!!
          Love this.....

          • Augustus

            Wondered if the Foley had ever made it to a poem. Thanks.

            • P.H.Rose

              First among its friends

            • Louis Gibbs

              Been there, done that, my friend. It ain't for sissies. Brave poem!

              • Augustus

                Thanks for the understanding.

              • swingline

                It takes your health , your hope , your loved one's ability to cope . It collects your time , your thoughts and your very intimidated mind . It tramples dignity and flaunts it to the world . Who am I ?

                • Augustus

                  You nailed,it, time, dignity, consumes your thoughts. Yes, yes. Thanks.

                • orchidee

                  A fine write. I'm sure the intention is not to embarrass or degrade. They would say (I hope) it's to help you. I understand your situation though.
                  I suppose some things may be 'done to us', like it or not. I've had times of 'not liking', but not many medical things.
                  Thinking of you.

                  • Augustus

                    Exactly, and I am sure that most aren't as sensitive and modest as I, to take it in stride. Thanks for your understanding, reading and commenting.

                  • Michael Edwards

                    You show such spirit - may your god always be with you.

                    • Augustus

                      Spirit is about all that is left. I pray for grace. Thanks for reading and commenting

                    • Goldfinch60

                      Strong write but as has been said your Spirit is strong and will gie you peace.

                      • Augustus

                        Thanks for reading and commenting

                      • MaddieJ

                        You turned something so grueling and uncomfortable and made it a collection of beautiful words. Such beauty!

                        • Augustus

                          The muse and experiences lead me all over. Thanks.

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