Exercise Program


Is jumping to conclusion a good exercise? With all the hype around fitness I've been laying in weight and running from obligations. Experts claim staying in shape with an activity like cycling lifts your spirits. I agree and do 12 ounce Corona curls daily. Ain't that lifting spirits? And cycling, my nephew comes by once a week on his bike to pick up the cans. My wife makes sure I walk the line when I throw my weight around. As a senior citizen I resist, exercise my rights, and try to give a squat about something. Aren't I bench pressing when I sit in the park? Sometimes I agree with Jack LaLane, especially when I struggle to lift my drawers up or down. I've been raising eyebrows, shrugging my shoulders and making an effort to get a grip as I cruise on by the Gym. My doc is warning me about balance and danger of falling and recommended pretending I am walking on a beam. Hell I think I'm doing alright after a pint of Jim Beam finding my way home. Have a good day.

Augustus / Seasons Hospice, Houston TX / June 2017


  • orchidee

    A fine write A.

    • Augustus

      Ah, you're sober. No sherry today. Thanks

      • Augustus

        Ah, you're sober. No sherry today. Thanks

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      • swingline

        What a laugh , and another and another ! A masterpiece of joyful celebration .

        • Augustus

          Glade you enjoyed.

        • Louis Gibbs

          Your exercise program wears me out thinking about it, Augustus! Slow down!

          • Augustus

            Heh, hey. Can you help me with curls.

          • P.H.Rose

            Oh !! Augustus this is
            Just so very good
            I absolutely love it...
            My wife is always
            Trying to get to go to
            gym.... I keep
            Telling her I know
            No one of that name..
            She doesn't seem to

            • Augustus

              Thanks for reading and generous comment.

            • Goldfinch60

              Good fun write. I get plenty of exercise, I raise my cups of tea and coffee up and down to my lips many times a day.

              • Augustus

                Coffee here, but I'll tolerate your habit. Uber driver from Iraq made black tea with cardamom sound worth a try. Thanks.

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