Stands Death There At My Door



I felt the sudden change of air

As the icy breath clung I was made aware

Outside my window the shadows fell

But it was too early for night to tell

Still it was cold and dark I know

Then came that knock upon the wooden door

"Thomas ! For whom I come looking for

 Won't you open up for me the door ."


I shook with fear for all the years

Suddenly I was filled with tears

And in absolution I held my head

Still you have no earthly clue

When comes that knock upon the wood

"Thomas , oh Thomas , if you would

 Unbolt the lock now if you could ."


I stood in silence , made not a sound

But by the shadow upon the ground

I knew he waited so patiently

Waiting ! Waiting , there for me

"Come Thomas , the seconds few

 You cannot avoid what's in store for you .

 Do not bother looking for the key

 For I have kept it safe and sound here with  me ."


I said I was not afraid of death 

That I would not bend with my final breath

Then I remembered my father's passing

How the stillness became so everlasting

And I knew I was no more special

That life is certainly full , sometimes spacial

So I opened up the door

"I am Thomas , the Thomas of whom 

 you do implore."


  • Author: swingline (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: June 10th, 2017 00:26
  • Category: Unclassified
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  • Goldfinch60

    Life on this world is but a moment in our life with our Spirit. Good write.

  • swingline

    Thank you Goldfinch60 for commenting .

  • Michael Edwards

    Life is but sleep's interruption.

    • swingline

      Ha ha , I was trying to sleep .

    • orchidee

      A fine write M. "Life is but a moment".... but there's enough moments for me sherries! heehee.

    • swingline

      aha ha , going with a smile I see .

    • Heather T

      Death nips at everyone's heels, but I suppose life does as well. What's that saying about how everyone dies but not everyone lives ? Nicely done.

      • swingline

        Everyone dies . Not everyone really lives . William Wallace . Thank you Heater T for reading .

      • Augustus

        Deliously haunting.

        • swingline

          Ha ha , thank you Augustus for reading .

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