My Goodbyes...

Writings From The Unknown13

you broke me til i was scarred

your moving forward,

and your leaving me behind

your breaking parts of me i didnt even know could exist

looks like you never gave it your all

all of your perfect imperfections are just meaningless to me now

your moving 3,630 miles away...

and i still hope i can say my goodbyes

i just want a chance to say my goodbyes

i just want a chance to apologize

its gonna burn,

and its gonna sting...

watching you drive away

but the worst part of it all...

is that im not even going to be there

im never going to be able to say my goodbyes

its gonna hurt knowing your over 3000 miles away

look me in the eyes and tell me goodbye...

where are you?

i cant find you anywhere

am i too late?

did i miss my chance?

please tell me your here

please tell me i have a chance to see your face one last time

please tell me i have a chance to finally say goodbye

or am i too late?

it kills me to wonder if i was to late

and it breaks me apart to know that i let you slip away

its going to haunt me knowing...

i never got to say my goodbyes...

  • Author: Writings From The Unknown13 (Offline Offline)
  • Published: June 12th, 2017 08:47
  • Comment from author about the poem: this is about my ex he is in 12th grade and after graduation he is moving and this is a song that i am i feel... what im going to miss is the chance we couldve had to be friends again...i will miss him because he was once my best friend
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  • Jeff

    Very well written...good job

  • Writings From The Unknown13

    this is my last poem until further notice

  • Hopey_xx

    So sad but beautiful. Have a nice break, see you soon (:

  • Writings From The Unknown13

    i finally got my goodbye...and now we keep and touch and we are best friends again

  • Writings From The Unknown13

    here i am a year and a half later wishing i never met him...but everything happens for a reason right? well part of the reason why is so i wouldnt repeat certain actions like he did now that im 18 i guess not really sure exactly why he was ever a part of my life it just gave me more hurt in the process of trying to live my everyday life after saying goodbye

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