My Mother


My mother is a funny gal,
She's smart and full of wit.
So I thought i'd write about her
Just a little bit.

She wakes at the crack of dawn,
Each and every day.
'The sun is up so i am up'
Is what i'd hear her say!

She loves things neat and tidy,
She's got a touch of ocd.
I'd miss like half a show
Whilst she's dusting the tv.

Horror movies are her favourite,
She'll take coffee over tea.
Except on a Friday nights,
It's a wee vodka that you'll see.

Oh she loves a bit of shopping,
And buying gifts aswell.
She's kind and full of stories,
Oh the crackers she does tell.

She tells me she's just minding me,
That i'm from outerspace.
My real mom's just fixing her spaceship,
Haha, how she puts a smile on my face.

Full of jokes and full of heart,
And a little bonkers too.
I'm never surprised to come home
And find the house decorated new.

And hey she's tough also you know,
This woman will stand her ground.
She'd go to the end of the earth,
To keep her loved ones safe and sound.

Her first name is Catherine,
But everyone calls her Dale.
One thing that i'm sure of is
She's an extraordinary female.

She does things thought impossible,
She never fails to amaze me.
A single mom of three girls,
My sisters both agree.

She raised us all and by herself,
Janice, Marlene and me.
Always and forever,
Our world, mother hen will be.

And a little extra verse or two,
Just so that she knows
Mama, girl I love you,
And every day, that love just grows.

For all of my rollercoaster life,
You have been my strong backbone.
Thankyou for every single thing
And never leaving me alone.

  • Author: Renzi Mars (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: June 27th, 2017 03:23
  • Comment from author about the poem: She's 59 and feeling fine!!!.A little love and appreciation today for the best gal that i know. My mama 💓
  • Category: Family
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  • Renzi

    Awh thankyou kathy 🙂

  • Goldfinch60

    Great write and tribute to a wonderful sounding Mum. I bet your childhood was so full of fun.

    • Renzi

      Fun! Crazyyy haha! I'm her youngest, i think i will always live my childhood with her haha

    • malubotelho

      How warm and fun is your poem about your mom. I felt so much emotion read it. Thank you. I'm proud of your mom.

      • Renzi

        She is an amazing woman. I am very lucky 🙂

        • malubotelho

          Nice to know that

        • Tony36

          Wonderful Tribute to your mom

          • Renzi

            Thankyou ❤

            • Tony36


            • FredPeyer

              Enjoyed every line of your ode to your mom. Now I know where you got your good looks from! And the way you describe her, there seems to be quite a bit of her inside you as well. You are one lucky person, and the fact you wrote this poem shows me you know that. Hat's off to your mom!!!

              • Renzi

                Like mother, like daugher haha! She has just entered my house singing... i guess i get that from her too haha. I know it and i had to show it ❤

              • Louis Gibbs

                I'm so impressed by your growth as a poet ... this is a fine one! Your mom should be proud, as should you be, Renzi.

                • Renzi

                  Thankyou so much lovely ❤

                • Michael Edwards

                  What a great tribute - you are truly blessed as is she.

                  • Renzi

                    Blessed is the perfect word to describe how i feel about having my mama 💓

                  • Christina8

                    Absolute wonderful tribute to your mother! You are a talented poet. I bet you made your mother proud with this ode!

                    • Renzi

                      Awk thankyou so much 🙂 i must admit, she blushed but has been in an awesome wee mood all day 💓 bless.

                    • lastbadbrad6

                      renzi, great rite, you expree love in so manyy different ways

                      • Renzi

                        Thankyou 🙂 i love love ,and mama deserved a wee poem 🙂

                      • burning-embers

                        Love it. just discovered another one of your wonders this ones going on my fav's. When it comes to talent you and yer mum's overflowing

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