make gods of men
make fools of both
can gods be cruel
and men do boast

whom to govern
whom then to lead
not the stubborn
hearts then to bleed

ideas ourselves
women’s and men’s
in books we delve
where poets have penned


Augustus / Houston, Texas / June 2017


  • Goldfinch60

    Good write.


    Thanks for posting this POEM and PICTURE "A". I am student of American History and the painting shows the OHIO Pioneers installing Territorial Government @ Marietta Ohio in 1788. These territorial treaties were very important in establishing US territories in the USA. The land was claimed by the Native Americans and the French had previously owned it then the British. The town was named after Marie Antoinette ~ Queen of France ~ OK

    When George Washington became the First President of the USA (1789 ~ 1797) Law and Treaties had to be made by Men to govern Men ~ Some were Gods like Jefferson (1801 - 1809) and some are Fools like Trump (2016 - ?). Thanks for sharing ~ BRIAN

    • Augustus

      We learn so much from you. I was in a hurry and did not research the photo. It just seemed appropriate. Thanks for your extensive and informative comment. Abrazos.

    • P.H.Rose

      Brilliant sir
      Just brilliant

      • Augustus

        Thanks so much.

      • LAWLESS

        Keep cranking them out dadio, I love every one of them!

        • Augustus

          Thanks James. I am down tomfumes in the tank. May have to switch to alternative energy source. You guys at MPS have been inspirational.

          • LAWLESS

            I\'m feeling the same way brother. Ever try the energy drink \"Redline\"? No wait, don\'t, my head nearly exploded.😀

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          • onepauly

            a lot of the so called men, when the populations got bigger and they needed more land. they called and did use indian removal. to use it for themselves. I am outraged!

            • Augustus

              I understand. Let's see, I'd like some of that reservation land. I'll just go kill men, women and children and call it mine. Great idea.----Not!

              • onepauly

                it almost seems like I'm shamed to be an American. and I am!

              • malubotelho

                Great way of writing . I love to read you. Thanks for sharing.

                • Augustus

                  Thanks so much. So sweet of you.

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