emotional girl

i just wanted to be daddy's little girl

I awoke to the sound of blue and red sirens

  more times then I can count, I have watched them take you away

  with the last bit of hope I had left for you


I gave you chance after chance to be the father

  you were supposed to be, yet you still chose it over me

  leaving me with heartbreak and misery 


You made me feel as if I didn't matter

  while you watched my heart slowly shatter,

  but you didn't care that the family was breaking

  all you care about was the drugs you were taking


it's sad to see you haven't changed,

  but what can I expect other than your mind games

  and its not that I didn't hope better for you its 

  that I already knew what you would do


its sad to say im better off without you

  but what's even sadder is the fact that you already knew 

  I hope you realize what you have done and lost



oh wait,sorry i guess its never your fault

  well let me end it before it becomes a sorrow letter

  about me knowing you would never get better





  • Christina8

    Very good poem, sorry the message is so sad. No one should have to go through this. I hope you found this poem a way to heal. Thanks for sharing!


    Thanks for your very SAD & very PERSONAL poem ~ Sweetheart. I haven't got a Daughter (yet) but when I do have one I promise you I will treat her like a PRINCESS ~ as you should have been ! My Sister is 35 but still DADDY'S GIRL and that is how it should be ! Nothing can make up for your sad past ~ Thinking of You and Praying for You ~ HUGS ~ Your FRIEND BRIAN (UK)

  • kevin browne

    our hearts are with you for sharing this so sad a fatherless poem. we love you girl x

  • Louis Gibbs

    Well penned, sad poem. He may not be strong, but you have been made stronger. Thank you for this very personal poem!

  • +_Juice_+

    My Father went to jail for selling drugs. He's missed out on most of my life. He said he's going to change, but I don't know what to believe. I don't know If I should be happy, or sad. I have no real connection to him. Hell, I don't even know what's it like to even have a father!

    • emotional girl

      I'm am sorry to hear that I understand what it's like, my father also left me at a young age. He chose his drugs and alcohol over my family so I understand and I'm very sorry because I know how it feels and I hope that you can have peace with that feeling. I will be praying for you

    • Heather T

      Your wrenching poem is far too familiar for too many families. Thank you for sharing your pain.

    • Candlewitch

      I hope that in writing this piece, you have vented much of your anguish. this is an astonishing write!!! thank you so very much for this!

      *hugs, Cat

    • malubotelho

      Beautiful writing. Thanks for open the window of your heart and let others know in a beautiful way how sorrow it can bring to have unfit parents. My dad was alcoholic too and I did suffer because of that. Mostly because the way he treated my mother. My heart and thoughts are with you.

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