Miss Xtraordinary

Our Mysterious World

What if the world,

Was black and white?

Would there still be,

This holy light?


What if the world,

Would be equally the same?

It wouldn't be real,

It would be like a game.


What if the world,

Would be frozen in time?

People would suffer,

It would all be a crime.


What if the world,

Didn't have love?

Would it change anything,

From the heaven above?


What if the world,

Would not be able to feel?

It would be so dull,

It wouldn't be real.


What if the world,

Had an afterlife?

Would it still be killing,

With its sharp vicious knife?


- Miss Xtraordinary


  • niallprideaux

    Love, love, love!


    B & W ~ Equal ~ Frozen ~ Loveless ~ Senseless ~ Eternal ? Throughout its existence Planet Earth has experienced all those phases ~ BUT Sweetheart ~ we live in the 21st C and we have to face things as they really are ! Inequality ~ Wars & rumours of Wars ~ Human trafficking and sexploitation ~ Global Warming and Population Explosion etc. What can you and I do ? Be more GREEN and love everybody and brighten the corner where we are ! Thanks for raising the Q's ~ Hugs BRIAN XOX

  • Louis Gibbs

    Congratulations, Miss X! You have asked some deep questions about life, questions some never reach the point of asking themselves. A worthy poem, keep seeking answers!

  • FredPeyer

    Love your poem Miss X, great imagination, great writing. Each stanza could be the beginning of a new poem!

  • Miss Xtraordinary

    Thank you all for these comments! :)

  • Goldfinch60

    Good write, but this world can also be so wonderful and colourful. Look for the light.

  • yellowrose

    i loved reading this . interesting , thought provoking and well expressed .... i like the questions throughout this , of what if''

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