That's how I felt 

One day you were around 

Then you became someone else

Treated me like a stranger 

Like I meant nothing 

You said you cared, you loved me 

But only left me in confusion 

I didn't know where we stood 

Always hot and cold

One minute being so kind, then so cruel

No reason, nothing explained 

Acted as if I was fine, as if nothing hurt 

I didn't want to give you the satisfaction of tearing up my little world 

You seemed to enjoy seeing me suffocate in pain 

Constantly making me jealous, rarely speaking my name 

How can someone change this much 

From exchanging words of love 

To becoming invisible, like floating dust 

Only noticed for insults or fights 

I felt so weak, nothing went right 

You would never say sorry

Or accept your mistakes in light 

Entirely stubborn 

You would only deny

I eventually gave up 

I couldn't argue with lies 

You never stuck around or soothed away my cries 

Abandoned me like my friends 

Even at 'Prom night'

We never spoke things through 

Left numb and blue 

'Things got too deep'

Was the only explanation given 

Not even from you 

I had to de-attach, had to say goodbye 

I knew you'd still be around

But my feelings would have to die 

  • Author: ShannonXx (Offline Offline)
  • Published: July 1st, 2017 09:27
  • Category: Unclassified
  • Views: 61
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  • P.H.Rose

    This is very good Shannon
    By the sounds of it you
    Are well rid......
    Youth and romance
    A sometimes
    Toxic mixture!!!!!!

    • ShannonXx

      Thank you so much! and I agree aha

    • Edthepoet

      All that glitters is not always Gold. You turn emotion into art so well. I agree with DSKS your writing is getting better and better x

      • ShannonXx

        Thank you! The comment means a lot 🙂 x

      • FredPeyer

        As Neil Sedaka said long before your time: Breaking up is hard to do...
        You are saying it so much more eloquently. Love the last line "But my feelings would have to die". "Would have to..." is the key. They (the feelings) don't "want to". To me, this last line of only seven well chosen words is the key to the whole poem. Wonderful writing Shannon!

        • ShannonXx

          Thank you! Yes I agree with your point, my feelings didn't want to go but had to

        • malubotelho

          I felt this poem like a give up from your heart. Some times it is better this way. It is always another path to take, another love to make.

          • ShannonXx

            Yes it was kind of like that but in some situations you do need to give up I guess. Thanks for the comment

          • Heather T

            One day, the right someone will not. Lovely share, beauty.

            • ShannonXx

              Thank you! 🙂

            • Goldfinch60

              Good emotive write. Move on there is someone out there for you.

              • ShannonXx

                Thanks! And I hope so

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