GOD BE  in my head and understanding

GOD BE  in my eyes ~ and in my looking

GOD BE  in my mouth ~ and in my speaking

GOD BE  in my heart ~ and in my thinking

GOD BE  in my life ~ in all its aspects ! 


GOD BE  in my job ~ and in my working

GOD BE  in my Friends ~ and in my networks

GOD BE  in my Folks ~ extended Family

GOD BE  in my Country ~ and my Leaders

GOD BE  in my life ~ in all its aspects !


Thanks for visiting ~ Comments Welcome ~ Spiritual Love ~ BRIAN ~ XOX


We are created in GOD's likeness ~ We're complete when He fills our lives !

Tha BIBLE teaches that when we BELIEVE ~ We're filled with The Holy Spirit 



  • kevin browne

    I am now certainly filled with The Holy Spirit which I am a firm believer of. this one caught my heart also. great rite my friend.


      THANKS KEVIN ~ and thanks for a POSITIVE TESTIMONY ~ The Fruit of the Spirit (9) is Love ~ Joy ~ Peace etc and they exactly balance out the Work of the Flesh enabling us to be "Ambassadors for Christ" in an increasingly evil World ~ AMEN ~ Your Brother in Christ ~ BRIAN

    • Fay Slimm

      A wonderful assurance in prayer-form and one we could memorize for help in times of need.

      • BRIAN & ANGELA

        Thanks FAY that is a helpful thought ! When we are indwelt by God's Holy Spirit ~ God is with us 24/7 in every aspect of our lives ~ AMEN ~ Yours BRIAN

      • orchidee

        Yes, you have integrated faith and science well. Though there's no reason why scientists should NOT be believers.
        Oops, I nearly said' beliebers'. Now that's not the same. I'm waffling now. It's the sherry! Tee Hee.

        • BRIAN & ANGELA

          Thanks STEVE ~ I have always had Faith in God and in my study of Science (Biochemistry etc) I have found no conflict ! I don\'e expect CHAOS (Blind Evolution) but Beauty ~ Order ~ Purpose & Design and Facts ~ Patterns & Principles. One only has to look at the Periodic table of Elements ~ Which was so ordered that Mendeleef (who first published it) was able to suggest the properties of undiscovered elements for which he left gaps in his TABLE ! Also in the Double Helix structure of DNA one clearly sees the \"Hand of a Creative God\" at molecular level ! There are no CHAIRS of EVOLUTION in UK Universities because it is still an unproven THEORY. Where i have challenged Scientific papers on Spiritual Grounds ~ I have always been proved right ! Science is just \"Thinking Cods Thoughts after HIM\" Remember for MAN to land on the Moon in 1969 Houiston had to work according to God\'s Laws of Gravity ! BUZZ ALDRIN |- who was a Presbyterian Elder - took a portable Communion Set with him - so he could celebrate Communion on the surface of the Moon | But don\'t tell NASA ! Thanks BRIAN

        • orchidee

          That's almost the actual words of an olde hymn too - or part of it! A fine write B.

          • BRIAN & ANGELA

            YES INDEED | Andy | well spotted. The first verse in my poem is John Rutter's version of GOD BE IN MY .............................. ! The second verse is my own composition | OK BRIAN

          • malubotelho

            A beautiful prayer that I could use everyday. Absolutely beautiful. God be with us. Thanks

            • BRIAN & ANGELA

              Thanks MALU | Yes it is a PRAYER we should pray everyday - To be overflowing with GOD'S SPIRIT we need a daily anointing - AMEN BRIAN

              • malubotelho


              • Christina8

                Such a wonderful Sunday poem! Thank you for being such an uplifting presence on MPS! We appreciate you! Spiritual hugs--Christina

                • BRIAN & ANGELA

                  THANKS CHRIS - I KNEW YOU WOULD LOVE IT ! Hugs in the Spirit - BRIAN

                • Goldfinch60

                  The Holy Spirit is always with us. Thank Brian.

                  • BRIAN & ANGELA

                    Thanks ANDY - The Scriptures teach - That the Holy Spirit who dwells in 24/7 is greater than SATAN who is the the PRINCE of the POWER of the AIR ! So day by day WE can be OVERCOMERS - AMEN - BRIAN

                  • indypindy20

                    This comforted me✨

                    • BRIAN & ANGELA

                      Thanks INDY ~ i am pleased about that because the title given to the HOLY SPIRIT is the COMFORTER ~ One who comes alongside us to help ~ AMEN ~ Hugs BRIAN

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