Cemetery Rain

As the rain falls on the cemeteries,
Where the dead all live in silence,
It washes away the memories
Of hope and love and violence.

The dead begin screaming and pleading,
Hoping someone remembers,
But their cries fall on deaf ears unheeding,
And the fire fades to embers.

As the souls all turn to ash,
And the memories fade to dust,
Everything goes out in a flash,
And they return to stardust.



    Thanks ANGEL a very beautiful and nostalgic Poem ! I love CEMETERIES and a number of my Friends and many Relatives live in them ~ mainly in the UK and some abroad ~ I visit when I can ! I always give my Photography Students an assignment to photograph in the Church Graveyard near the College (with the permission of the Vicar). They produce some amazing pictures. Thanks for caring ~ Hugs BRIAN

    • lostgirl24

      I love cemeteries too! It's nice that you visit frequently and give the dead some company, And they do indeed produce some wonderful pictures!

    • Nicholas Browning

      I like this quite a bit. The word choices are simple, but you make them work so well. Good work.

    • Tony36

      Well written and expressed.

      • lostgirl24

        Thanks 😊

        • Tony36


        • seeker123

          Beautiful Poem:) I especially like the last four lines they capture everything about the dead and death and how we may see a flash before our eyes that either shows our life our the meaning of life. For at death I beleive it is revealed.

          • lostgirl24

            Thank you! I believe the same thing and that sometimes during life, we get hints and glances at the meaning of life.

          • Candlewitch


            I agree with "seeker". fantastic piece of work. keep writing!

            *hugs, Cat

            • lostgirl24

              Thank you and I will keep will writing!

            • FredPeyer

              If cemeteries could talk! Your well written poem reminded me that there is so much more to cemeteries than just a bunch of head stones. There is a story under every one of them. Well done!

              • lostgirl24

                Thank you! I love writing about "under the surface" subjects, so I'm glad this conveyed that message to you!

              • Goldfinch60

                Good write I think that the last line "And they return to stardust" is wonderful.

                • lostgirl24

                  Thank you! I actually wasn't sure about that last line, but I'm glad you like it!

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