The Warmth of Your Gaze

Your gaze is a spotlight into my soul,

I am naked before you...

The brokenness that I bury down into the deepest reaches of myself,

You pluck out with no effort...

Though my pages are worn and tattered,

I am easy reading for your eyes..

People I have know for a lifetime never see the dark entangled webs of shattered dreams you saw in an instant...

You feel my pain,

You hear my real voice,

With you there is no pretending...

The strong facade I display for the world to see,

You saw through in seconds...

You see my brokenness, You see my scars...

The things I thought were so ugly and repulsive,

The things I thought if anyone knew, they would run,

In them you found beauty...

In the brokenness of my heart you see warmth...

Your acceptance is my salvation,

Your compassion is my redemption,

I heal in the warmth of your gaze..



  • burning-embers

    I love your words. What a wonderful friend you have. You inspire me to write about an amazing friend of mine. You're very lucky and so am i/We for seeing your lovely words.

    • Moonflower15

      He is beyond amazing. I consider myself very lucky to have him in my life. Thank you so much!

    • Candlewitch

      hello and welcome,

      it is very nice to meet you. I love these lines you wrote:

      In the brokenness of my heart you see warmth...

      Your acceptance is my salvation,

      Your compassion is my redemption,

      I heal in th warmth if your gaze

      because I have someone who is just like that with me! thank you for this write.

      *hugs, Cat

      • Moonflower15

        Thank you, I really appreciate it. by the compassion and kindness of others our wounds are healed.

      • onepauly

        a true love story

      • Louis Gibbs

        A beautiful poem, Moonflower, but behind it I heard a subtle warning bell. If we place our worth on the appraisal of another, even a trusted other, that leaves us quite vulnerable, does it not? Know that you are beautiful and worthy on your own, as are we all. Well written poem!

        • Moonflower15

          Thank you. I am not placing my worth in him. He helped me find it again for myself. For the first time in decades I was able to open myself fully to another human and he showed me kindness, love, and acceptance in a way I have not experienced. I was always afraid to open those parts of myself afraid of the rejection. He has taught me that sharing your struggles and sharing your brokenness, not only heals you but can be an empowerment for others. I get your point. My counterpoint is that we all need people to build us up in moments of weakness and insecurity. We all need those who see things in us we may not see ourselves. I am not putting my worth in him, rather this is an acknowledgement of him seeing the beauty in me despite the ugliness I have endured. This poem represents the darkness his strength and understanding pulled me out of, and how his acts of compassion healed my heart and soul. He reminded me of who I really am. For that I will be forever grateful.

          • Louis Gibbs

            I can only say, congratulations, and kudos on your strength and wise understanding!

          • FredPeyer

            Thank you moonflower, for a very well written and honest poem. It is scary to let someone into the deepest recesses of your heart and soul, but exhilarating when that person accepts you for who you are and with his actions and words helps you to heal the wounds.

            • Moonflower15

              Thank you! and yes I absolutely agree :-)

            • Nicholas Browning

              The people that are willing to accept you even after they know of your mistakes are some difficult people to find. Whoever this person is, never let them go.

              • Moonflower15

                Thank you. I plan to keep him around for as long as he will stay. He is my closest truest friend

                • Nicholas Browning

                  Good plan. Best of luck!

                • Goldfinch60

                  Very good write and tribute. Friends whom you trust and help you are so very important. Welcome to MPS.

                • Lucky

                  Amazing! There is nothing like having someone in your life that you can be transparent's awesome that you found that person ☺

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