Real Football Players....

     This poem is about football/soccer players     

    But could relate to several sportsmen/women

                   Of the modern age.....



                Real football players...


In days of old when boots were brown not gold,
when men were paid in pounds, shilling and pennies.
A ball made of stitches, leather and laces,
no adverts, no plastic but defiantly smiling faces.
Heroes wore shorts around about their knees,
With no Lycra underneath, oh!! please oh!! please.
Tackles were hard, broken bones the eventual fee,
no whining to the ref, please protect me.
The height of ones foot, not taken into account,
more to win the challenge, and put yourself about.
One hundred thousand souls, watched these games,
packed tight together, no free seats for anyone famed.
Hair was Centre parted, but no brillcream to spare,
Barbers were busy, when my team played home and there.
Rattles, whistles and voices, all would shout as one,
We would always sing, words of the supporters song.
When Saturday came, we all walked to the ground,
Queued up to the turnstiles and paid the entrance pound.
With a win we'd all boast, of wining the holy grail,
But a loss made us feel, it be another season fail.
There's always another week, and to the stadium we'd go,
To watch those real football players, in a game
Of ebb and flow..

These were the days of real football players.


  • Nicholas Browning

    Holy crap. A poem about soccer/football back in the day? When you said you would write it, I didn't think it was gonna be this good. haha. Threw me for a loop. I say, chap, good show.

    • Nicholas Browning

      Hah, true enough. I don't know what's what anymore. How is American football called football? It makes no sense to me.

      • P.H.Rose

        Thank you Nicholas
        For that great comment

      • Michael Edwards

        Remember it well when shoulder charges were the rule and even the goalkeeper was not exempt. It's a game for wusses these days. Flipping the coin, as a lad I was a regular at Spurs and all fans mixed together without any sign of rancour - it was all friendly banter. In fact, along with my pals and many others, if Spurs were away we'd go and support Arsenal - after all they were a local team too - can you imagine that happening today - there'd be a massacre.

        • P.H.Rose

          Thank you Michael
          What I love about this
          Wonderful site is that
          The constructive
          Comments you get
          Help. When I put this
          One in my book I'm
          Going to add the fact
          The crowds were not
          Segregated. Thank you
          For reminding me

        • FredPeyer

          Great poem P.H.!
          And yes, I do remember Brillcreme, used it myself a few times until I realized at that tender age that the creme didn't do anything to get me girls, so I switched to water.
          But back to the games. They were different in the past, not only football and soccer, but ice hockey too. Remember Guy Lafleur of the Montreal Canadians flying down the ice, no helmet, hair streaming behind him!
          Thank you for a this well written poem and the trip down memory lane!

        • P.H.Rose

          Thank you Fred
          Superb comment

        • Augustus

          A stadium in the 1940's that held 100,000 people then, that same stadium can only hold 70,000. Our butts have grown too wide. Love old black and whites. Nicely done.

          • P.H.Rose

            Thank you Augustus

          • Heather T

            Well if football is now for wusses I'm glad! Plenty of ER visits with my oldest say he might not have survived with his wits intact the old fashioned way! Enjoyed.

            • P.H.Rose

              Thank you heather

            • Cyprian Van Dyke

              Fantastic write. It felt like I was there at that kind of game! Tyfs!

            • Goldfinch60

              They certainly were, I haven't been to a football match since 1963 back in the time when men were men not the fragile money grabbers they are nowadays.

              • P.H.Rose

                Thank you GF60
                You are as usual
                Absolutely spot on

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