Nicholas Browning

Rice Wine

Raise a red-glaze cup,
To honor one another,
Careful not to spill.


Slowly with great aim,
Mind's delight; until the 'morn,
We all, have our fill.


Laugh, sing,
Cry if you please!
A man's banquet shall know no end,


Frolic, play,
Drink some more,
And rejoice among our friends!


  • Michael Edwards

    Found the translation and enjoyed it - a great celebration - I raise the red cup to you.

    • Nicholas Browning

      As I to you, good sir. Thanks for stopping by!

    • orchidee

      Erm, I expect I shall enjoy it - after couple of hours translation by myself! At the moment, it's 'all Greek' to me!

      • Nicholas Browning

        Haha, no worries. Thanks for stopping by friend.

      • Goldfinch60

        I raise a glass to your health Nicholas.

      • Its Raskolnikov

        I like it, very warming

      • Hood.


        Sake can be a potent drink indeed; I enjoyed the short poem of your experience.

        Maybe you can educate me as you mentioned the first two stanza's were haiku which I thought were to be made up of 17 syllables normally 5-7-5 but I couldn't see that in your two. Are there different types of haiku? Or did you have too much sake!! Lol! It doesn't matter because the poem is fine but I'm now asking the question for my own education.

        Thanks & bottoms up!


        • Nicholas Browning

          "Raise a red-glaze cup,
          To honor another,
          Careful not to spill.

          Slowly with great aim,
          Mind's delight; till the 'morn,
          We all, have our fill."

          These two stanzas are in 5-7-5 format. Thank you for reading, and for the comment. Cheers mate.

          • Hood.


            well I must have had too much Sake because I see 5-6-5 & 5-6-5.

            But you know what I don't mind or care & certainly am not going to fight you in the street over a syllable! Lol!

            Counting was never my strong point.


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          • abstractempo

            And here I thought sake was clear, transparent. Or does it vary?
            Very frivolous and of good nature; something to read when having a bad day...I like this.

            • Nicholas Browning

              Thank you very much for reading and commenting sir! Rice wine‚Äč, if it's unfiltered, retains a murky white flake in the liquid. I assume it's from the rice itself. Unfiltered peach sake is absolutely delicious.

              • abstractempo

                Oh! I see, "red-glazed cup" wasn't referring to the liquid, but the actual cup. Not sure how that slipped by me - Very clever choice of words!
                Ah, so I see this was your first but certainly not your last.

                I've always had a curiosity for Soju - Korean liquor. In that case I'd say Konbae!

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