Wholesome Witness

Fits tune: St Michael

('The Lord is risen indeed')

Psalm 146


1. Praise the Lord, O my soul

He will come, make you whole

While I live I will praise His name

Who ever stays the same


2. While I have being, life

I will praise Him, no strife

Put not your trust in princes, men

They will fail you again


3. No help lasting through man

He only surely can

Avail temporary for a while

Then gone his breath, his style


4. But happy are such, they

Who to the Lord do pray

And whose help He is, they do trust

E'en though they are mere dust


5. And happy they, who hope

In the Lord God, their slope

Through life steadily upwards is

Until eternal bliss


 6. The Lord is He who made

Heaven, earth, sea, arrayed

He does for ever His truth keep

And tends and guards His sheep


7. He judgement does perform

For oppressed, help from storm

He too the hungry does them feed

Comes to them, meets their need


8. The Lord prisoners does loose

Opens eyes of blind, abstruse

Are not His ways, but plain, revealed,

He has not them concealed


9. The Lord to them bowed down

Does raise them, lifts their frown

The righteous He does love, and sure

Preserves strangers e'ermore


10. He relieves fatherless

And widows too does bless

But way of wicked does He turn

Upside down, so they learn


11. The Lord shall reign for e'er

E'en Zion's God, from there

His holy mount, and in His care

All generations share.




    Thanks STEVE ~ loved the video ~ Pictures and the close harmony acapella ~ spiritual Barbershop ! Thanks for covering the whole Psalm because each Psalm is complete in itself. When I post my "Sunday Sonnets" o try to encapsulate th whole message of the whole Psalm. Lov you rendition of Psalm 146 ~ it will read well at Church poetry reading ! Every quatrain is a gem ~ Yours BRIAN

    • orchidee

      Thanks B. Sometimes I choose out a few verses on purpose, or may stop when I've written a few stanzas. I think that's OK too, as well as the whole Psalm sometimes. Depends how long a particular Psalm is, I suppose.

    • Goldfinch60

      Amen Orchi.

      • orchidee

        Thanks G/F.

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