'Mr Snail 🐌- what's the point?'

I sat and marvelled one day

At a snail, as I watched him toil away,

'Oh! Mr Snail can I please ask

Why you need to set yourself such a task,

How long does it take to scale the wall

On the side of my house, so tall?

And why, I ask, if I dare

Do you travel a journey to nowhere?'


'I climb the wall because I can

And I can do it with one foot unlike a human!

I know it takes a long time and my journey is slow 

But I don't know how far I go

Because of people like you - I loose track -

You and your kind keep knocking me back

To where I began - so I start again

To climb the wall in your garden,

And in answer to what else you ask 

About why I do such a task-

I don't know it's a journey to nowhere

Until I arrive and see what's up there!

But what can I do? I've many hours to fill

And this is my job, it's God's will.'


And then he was gone, annoyed at me

For questioning his right to be!


  • sue.evans

    To kind sir! I think I have warped sense of humour 😢😢

  • burning-embers

    Wicked! Absolutely love this. As you'll see from my stuff i love entering into kiddies poetry and nonsense. This is outstanding> I'd love to hear you read it - voice it! MORE !!!! +fav's

    • sue.evans

      Thank for such a great response 😊

    • orchidee

      A fine write Sue. SOS - Save Our Snails. I hurry some on their way on damp days, when they come out. I move them across the path to grass. Saves them getting trampled on with a sickening crunch!

      • sue.evans

        Makes me shudder to think of that sickening crunch!

      • Michael Edwards

        A quirky take - just love it.

        • sue.evans

          Thank you 😊

        • onepauly

          excellent! this is what real poetry looks like

          • sue.evans

            What a lovely comment - thank you

          • Goldfinch60

            Good write. We all have journeys in our life and many of them seem to have no reason except curiosity. We just need to know.

            • sue.evans

              I totally agree - I had the same thoughts as I wrote it.

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