Broken Deeper

I know I’ve fallen deeper

Since you left me broken

Clinging on to final hope

Please say we haven’t lost it

My beating heart in one piece

But with cracks in-between

Blood seeping through

Starting to make me see

The painful truth that lies beneath

Stinging me like a ray

I try not to think that way

Only remember the good

Who you used to be

Not the uncontrollable change

That left me in tears throughout the night

Only because of our unspoken goodbye

We both know you walked away

For no reason has been explained

You said you loved me

But that must be a mistake

If you felt that way

You wouldn’t have thrown me away

Just seeing your face

Turns me to ashes

In the laughter of your flames

Somehow I feel to blame

Maybe I should leave now

Maybe I should walk away

Before I’m broken by anymore pain














  • charlesbarrett

    Beautifully expressed. My favorite lines were
    “just seeing your face
    Turns me to ashes
    In the laughter of your flames”
    Very nice piece. May you find true love that won’t cause this pain. Thanks for sharing

    • ShannonXx

      Thank you 😊

    • willyweed

      Love is strange people are stranger
      nice expression here

      • ShannonXx

        True! And thanks

      • FredPeyer

        Shannon, these boots are made for walking! Great poem with a strong message. Replace 'Maybe' with 'I will'.

        • ShannonXx

          Thank you 😊

        • WL Schuett

          Heartfelt very poetic nicely done

          • ShannonXx

            Thanks ☺️

          • malubotelho

            Beautiful expression of love and pain. Great writing.

          • kevin browne

            you learn from many things in life which maybe the right thing for you. when you wrote 'stinging like a ray' I thought to myself now that's a powerful statement because sting rays can be deadly so you know now not to go near a stingray. you must learn by your mistakes and if being in pain caused by your heart then you need to move away from it. I would hate to see you suffer anymore. that's why I said what I said. good luck and I love the way you write by the way. it's great.

            • ShannonXx

              I agree with your point! and thank you

            • Goldfinch60

              Wonderfully emotive write. You must move forward.

            • burning-embers

              Endings create opportunities for new beginnings. Always be positive about your future. Treat the past as your seat of learning. Nice writing.

              • ShannonXx

                I agree and thanks!!

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