You're lost little boy

You're lost little boy...
No I'm not, what the fuck? I know exactly where I live.
It's down there in the gutter, with all the other shit.
You're lost little boy...
What you on about? You smoking crack? Do one you silly bitch!
I'm a big tough man with lots of plans and you can't tell me dick!
You're lost little boy...
You're stressing me now, so what if I am? You can't fix nothing miss.
How you gonna save me? With fucking maths? As if!!
You're lost little boy...
And what yeah, I come here every day. I sit here in your classroom, to keep the courts away.
You try to save me bit by bit but what the fuck can you do? When every night I go home to a life full of vomit and spew.
You're lost little boy...
I can't dream bigger, I can't want more, I've just gotta get through the day.
Till tonight when I can get mashed up and smoke reality away!
You're lost little boy...
I'm really not, I know just how my life's gonna be, the poisons running way to deep and it's to late for me.
This cycle will go on and on and round and round and round. Whacked up, jacked up, fucked up, cuffed up, I'll make my daddy proud.


  • Jinx

    Good stuff.

    • jenny.g

      Thanks very much


      WELCOME JENNY ~ Thanks for your first ~ very Powerful and very Poignant Poem. I can empathise I have worked with a FOYER (16 - 25) and in an FE College (16 -30). It is very sad when one sees Teens wasting their lives ~ The last five words are alas of often true ~ but very chilling ! More Poems please ~ Yours BRIAN ~ Please check my Poems ~ Thanks B.

      • jenny.g

        Thank you for your kind words Brian. I look forward to reading your work.

      • Goldfinch60

        Good strong write, it is a shame that some young ones become, or are forced to become like this. I wish you well in your work. Welcome to MPS.

        • jenny.g

          Thank you, and yes it is such a shame so see young souls so damaged. There is always hope.

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