Aa Harvey

The Endless Poem : Part Seven

It’s been a while since I last carved a rune.
None of my scrolls have been written or rolled in many a moon,
But now I am here once more cave painting on walls.
This is my message. What is yours?...

To have the youth to dance
As naked trees beside a stream
For freedoms sake, for sweet romance
Is this your dream….

A fallen feather graces my brow
Dancing under rain pure gold
Reveling in wounds still fresh
Delving into stories untold

Switchback after switchback to the top I climb
When I reach the summit, the feeling is sublime
I give the gift of my troubles to the mountain & trees
It's the only time I truly feel free...

Rise back from the ashes, hold tight to your past
Defend the present, prepare for the future, it's coming fast
Let the shadows flow and cover your soul
Watch the light banish them, completing its role...

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