Thank you for raping me


Thank you for raping me

I have been raised my entire life taught "Boys are mean to you because they like you".

      So I beg of you, come stick your cock deep in me once more, for I might not be ecstatic about it but my suffering and cries can be overshadowed by your lies and strong, "manly"  words.

    So thank you for raping me, how thoughtful of you.

    Although you may have gotten such the lucky chance to completely screw over the rest of my life that is not all you cared about, for you love seeing me in pain. You strive off of it, you cowardly dementor, sucking the soul out of me for your own sick, twisted, and selfish reasons.

    Thank you for raping me, as it has apparently made me some sort of much "stronger and wiser" being.
  I mean, according to everyone else that is.

Although, according to me, Its done nothing but made me a empty shell of a human being.
That is because everyone else doesn't see me the way I see ME,
They don't get to see the  eternal suffering as soon as anyone so much as mentions you or your name, thinking there helping me by telling me how much of a slimy person you are, little do they know there ripping of the scabs of the blood cuts you left over my heart.

Thank you for raping me, as it has done miracles for helping me stay awake at night. I'm too afraid to fall asleep, scared that the feeling of your hot, sticky with sweat body will be pressed against mine when I awake, and while I cry NO and struggle to escape your grasp you continue to thrust, deeper and deeper into my body, planting yourself in it like you own it. Unable to escape your grasp I'm forced to sit there, letting you do whatever the fuck you want with me, almost like my body is in some sort of paralysis like state.

Thank you for raping me, as it has made me much picker with choosing whom I can trust and not trust.
If i'm honest with you, the number of who I trust now is somewhere in the single digits, but that's not such a bad thing. Who needs love and affection anyway? Not like I'm capable of it anyways as you ripped it all out of me a long time ago.

I have been raised my entire life taught "Boys are mean to you because they like you", So thank you for raping me, how thoughtful of you.

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  • Hidden

    Speechless. Very nice

  • orchidee

    Will need to tick the 'For over 18s' box with this (it appears when you type up poems).

    • NikkiiADTR

      So sorry about that! I was looking for some way to make it 18+ but just joined this site an hour ago and it is much different then the one I came from.

      • NikkiiADTR

        Just made it 18+ FYI, thanks for the help!

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      • Azura Nightsong

        I went through pretty much the same thing a while back. This was a great poem, keeping writing it truly helps.
        Sincerely, Azuranna

      • Heather T

        What a wretched thing to endure, expressed in bitter eloquence. No one is stronger for having a crime committed against their body and spirit. The strength comes in putting one foot in front of the other day after day, and eventually through time using your pain to help another do the same. Welcome!

      • Louis Gibbs

        My first real love had been date-raped, and I saw what it had done to her. A terrible and all-to-common experience of so many young girls, left with scars that remain lifetimes. A nastier one of life's brutal experiences, but one which can serve to make you stronger and wiser. Thank you for sharing this very personal poem, Nikkii!

      • whisperingquill

        Jesus, I hope this is fictional. Damn 🌹

      • BRIAN & ANGELA

        HI NIKKII ~ Now that you have verified your experience as TRUE ~ to WQ I thought I should make an appropriate comment ! I am a Gentleman and my Mum taught me to respect ALL LADIES and that NO means NO and that female VIRGINITY is sacred. In my relationships with LADIES I have always (and always will) followed my Mun's advice. Your poem intrigued me because your sentiments of "THANKS" is the very antithisis of what all the other Ladies on this site have said about RAPE ~ although there is a lot of ANGST in the POEM ! You imply it was a valuable lesson ~ for future choice of Men and I too have learned from my experiences with "aggressive" Ladies. For a LADY to LOSE her Virginity in a "brutal" rape does in my experience scar her for life because it is psychological as well as physiological. For men it is more of a "Coming of Age" ~ A "Rite of Passage". No Man does a Lady a favour by raping her (and you don't imply that) but i admire the positive attitude in your very personal and "open hearted" Poem. Thinking of You ~ Blessings ~ Yours BRIAN (UK)

      • FredPeyer

        Nikkii, I admire your strength and resolve. Your writing is very powerful, direct, with impact. I just hope the perpetrator gets what he deserves, and you will one day find a man who treasures you and whom you can trust.

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