Alf W

A Lady Standing By A Gate

I saw a lady standing by a gate
That led into a field. T'was late.
She turned to look as I passed by
And followed with her gaze.. I wondered why.
And when I turned to take another look
The image of her vanished.

Along the road I walked, the scene was clear
But in my mind it seemed so very queer.
Once she was there, next moment she was gone
And on her golden hair, the sun had shone.
But now, where this young lady stood
Was only air.


  • Michael Edwards

    I can't think which painting it could have been but as a member of the Tate Gallery I am minded of the one in this link which although very outdated these days I still find beautiful - great poem Alf.

    • Alf W

      Thank you Michael... and also for your link to a very nice painting.
      The one I had seen you should find at
      "Girl Standing by a Gate impressionist painter Julian Alden Weir /1852-1919)"
      .. the girl with the pot on the wall and the pan at her feet...

      • Michael Edwards

        Thanks Alf - I'll look it up.

      • Louis Gibbs

        Your fine poem paints an intriguing picture, Alf. Thanks for sharing it!

        • Alf W

          Thank you Louis
          The inspiration was from this link

          "Girl Standing by a Gate impressionist painter Julian Alden Weir /1852-1919)"

        • Goldfinch60

          Good intriguing write. That girl will always be there for you within your mind.

          • Alf W

            Thank you so much.
            Yes, she sure will :)

          • Tony36

            Great write

            • Alf W

              Thank you Tony :}

              • Tony36


              • FredPeyer

                A very well written and intriguing poem, Alf. It is amazing how many things, moments, events in life, etc. can trigger the idea for a poem. Inspiration and imagination at its best.

                • Alf W

                  Thanks Fred for your lovely comment.

                • Accidental Poet

                  Yes, I too am amazed at how often I'll see something and a poem will result from it. Excellent write.

                  • Alf W

                    Thank you so much for your lovely comment .

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