Kimberly Culpepper

So-Called Land of The Free

Our bodies are not our own

They ignore us when we speak

We want to try and live our lives

But they decide what's best for each

We can't be too revealing

Although they prefer no clothes at all

They shout at us like we're objects

But it's a "compliment" not a catcall

We don't care how good you think we look

Or how badly you need one dance

But boys will be boys

Just give him a second chance


"She's gonna be a heartbreaker"

They say as if it's some sort of goal

We're more than just objects of lust

And that labels a burden that takes a toll

We're your mothers, sisters, and daughters too

But for us life will never be as easy as it is for you

This is a mans world

Women just live in it

We want to open their eyes

But they'll never truly see

Our bodies are not our own

Yet somehow we're supposedly free



    WELCOME KIMBERLEY Thanks for your first poem. Well written (mainly) in neat quatrains with a consistent rhyme pattern (xaxa xbxb etc) Your subject is a perennial one ~ Male & Female Equality. My Philosophy is we are EQUAL but DIFFERENT. I'm a Man and I always treat Ladies with TLC and a "velvet glove" and respect. If I'm shortlisting or interviewing (for me) gender is never a problem. I work in a College so all jobs are "gender free". Accepted Gender Roles (we are different !) can confer advantages and disadvantages but that is true in all walks of life. Men cannot conceive but I have Male friends who are House Husbands and Professional Sports like Football (Soccer) ~ Rugby ~ Basketball etc are gender segregated. Equality of Pay and Opportunity are other issues and Religious Barriers which exclude a Female Pope. Personally I think it is up to Men (individually) to be less Macho and to abhor the Sex Trade and any exploitation of Females. Females in 2017 have much better opportunities than they did in 1917 and progress is being made each decade. Thanks for Caring & Sharing ~ yours BRIAN (UK) Please check my poems ~ Thanks B.

    • Candlewitch


      I am a big fan of yours. and if I knew how? I would favorite you as a poet! I really love this comment and echo parts of it.

      *hugs, Cat

      • BRIAN & ANGELA

        Thanks CAT ~ a comment on a "neutral" comment in MPS is rare and all the more appreciated for that. Men & Women are Different (and Vive la Difference !) but in me eyes equal. Even in a College we sometimes have to advertise for Male (or Female) PE Tutor ~ Matrons for Female Halls of residence etc. However on all our Application Forms ~ Applicants are required to state their Gender but not Marital Status or details of Children etc. It varies from Country to Country and employer to employer, You can only favour Poems but not Poets ~ i'm flattered ~ Mega Hugs ~ BRIAN

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      • Candlewitch

        hello and welcome Kimberly!

        *hugs, Cat

      • Louis Gibbs

        Welcome to MPS, Kimberley. I really like this poem, although you might have it backwards. There is a saying with which I agree: "Events revolve around men. Life revolves around women."
        Think about it.

      • FredPeyer

        Welcome to the site, Kimberly, your writing is excellent! And, despite what anybody else might say, I have to agree with you. Women have been short-changed since whenever. Just look at expressions like 'arm candy', or 'trophy wife'. While nobody whistles after me, no wonder with my face and at my age, I can only imagine how it must be for a beautiful woman to be hassled. Brian is right, we are equal, but different, but unfortunately there are still way too many men who do regard women as objects. Just as there are a lot of women who do regard men as simpletons with a one-track mind.

        Very well written poem, a subject matter that grips, and a conclusion that engages.

        PS: Check out my poem 'the co-pilot' I shared on July 5th (I think). It is short, but addresses the same subject matter.

      • Goldfinch60

        I can understand what you are saying Kimberly but in my life, now nearing 70, I have always treated women with respect and as complete equals. One of the funniest moments that I had in my working life I was at a seminar and as with many of these the first thing that happened is that we each introduced and said something about ourselves, I made a crack about 'one day we will be equal with women' to which a response came from a lady "Only if we let you!"
        All should be treated equal in this world.
        Welcome to MPS.

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