Fay Slimm





A fish,
like translucent shadow 
slowly sways silver through dimly

lit submarine green.


A gill
like laced edge of poncho,    
rising to roll a lake's morning face

closes tightly to breathe.


A skin,
of thinnest divide knows
it is separated from my airy flesh

merely by liquid need.


A fin,
touched by finger coated        
in bubbles for closer contact slips

to more safety beneath.


A flip,
and fish dives fast below  
the mist churned by interference,

glassily eyeing me.


  • Goldfinch60

    Another beautiful write Fay.

  • Lizzy Renee

    Great Job!

  • Lawless

    I have six fish and we stare at each other in mutual amazement.
    like laced edge of poncho
    Your original thoughts are astounding. You truly are a word seamstress. Lovely poem about my fascinating fisheyed friends.

  • orchidee

    A fine fishy write Fay.

  • FredPeyer

    Beautiful depiction of fish. I see it and feel it through your words.

  • WriteBeLight

    A beautiful poem about acquatic nature Fay.

  • Michael Edwards

    I can see them in my mind's eye - great write fay

  • malubotelho

    Oh! This is so cute. How much I love the little creatures. They have God's appearance.

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