Lizzy Renee

A day in the Snow

Snow, how it sparkles in the morning light,

Children playing from morning 'til night.

Snowmen range from a pile of snow to a 4ft. masterpiece.

Snowball fighting, until parents make peace.

Little ones, seeing snow for the first time,

Giggling. Laughing, happy as a lime.

When the children start to shiver,

Hot Cocoa is ready, Frozen is the River.

Skaters are out, on the ice.

Children playing hockey, even in their boots it is nice.

Snowmobiles are out, heading towards all places.

Pile in! until there's no space!

Riding and bumping along,

We reach a store, not far so long.

We head inside, not knowing what to expect,

Each a hot cocoa, we select.

Puzzles line the table, for minutes of fun.

Before you know it, the day is done.

In the morning when you wake,

You look at daybreak,

There is no snow, no pine or children playing.

Then you know, it was just memories portraying. 


  • orchidee

    A fine write Lizzie. You come back for birthday greetings in a few days time? hehehe

  • WriteBeLight

    Brrrr...chilly. But I do not mind as it is hot and humid here in New England! Great job Lizzy!


    HI LIZZY ~ Welcome back ~ Love SNOW ~ Love the Poem ~ Love You too ! Canada has a monopoly on Snow ! Where I live in South England and last year we had zero snowfall ! I have been in NEW YORK in December and we had lots of Snow ! A Friend mine met a Girl on line and fell in Love ~ He then realised she lived in WINNIPEG ! After they got married he had to live there for a YEAR to get a work permit He survived the WINTER ! Your lovely POEM describes all the Joys of Snow and the sadness (of Kids) when it melts. Thanks for sharing Happy Birthday ~ Love & Hugs ~ BRIAN XOX

  • Michael Edwards

    Superb, unpretentious, love the language and such a good read.

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