Katrina dials 911

I put the TV on

Took two steps back and stood still....

Plumes of black smoke spiralled

The sky buzzed like a giant bee

And yellow flames flickered high

But America’s brave I could see

The walls crumbled in the North and South

People wept but stood together defiantly.

Now again America’s people are all in a state

Ella Bama, Louise Anna and even Mrs Ippy too

Katrina waved New Orleans goodbye

A terrorist of nature leaving nothing in its path

Another one that came from the sky

And blew lives away in a puff

No-one this time to focus anger upon

Support from the 'big boss' is slow

But as the waters subside

The strength of the people will grow.


  • Louis Gibbs

    A dark review of disasters well stated in your poem, Bibbeck! Strength does indeed grow from adversity.

    • Bibbeck

      Thank-you Louis. I'm glad that you appreciate this. Keep strong in whatever you encounter.

    • FredPeyer

      Quite imaginative bringing the two tragedies together, but then that is what a poet is all about.
      Well written.

      • Bibbeck

        Thanks Fred. Like everyone else I was stunned by both; I felt that I needed to make comment.

      • Accidental Poet

        When compassion comes together in times of tragic losses, the world becomes closer to God. Great write Bibbeck.

        • Bibbeck

          Thanks AP. Being in the UK so many miles a way didn't isolate me from understanding the feelings of loss and therefore also admiration of how people dealt with it.

          • Accidental Poet

            Thanks for your comment Bibbeck. Which makes it so hard to understand how terrorists can carry out such barbaric attacks against any population of life. The next big catastrophic event will be coming from North Korea or our own President Trump. How sad to go down in history as the source of such an injustice to humanity. It's really sickening.

            But thank you for your reading and your note.

          • O.G. Tone

            Good one bro!!!

            • Bibbeck

              Thank-you OGT.

            • Goldfinch60

              Good write. The people will always pull together when trouble looms.

              • Bibbeck

                Thank-you GF60 for your comment.

              • Michael Edwards

                Yes imaginative and a good write at that - enjoyed it Bibbeck.

                • Bibbeck

                  Thank-you Michael. This one 'came' without much trouble and the opening two lines are exactly my actions at the time.

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