Alf W

The Hidden Harbour

Across the grassy fields there lay
A hidden harbour and a bay.
It wasn't secret, you should know
Just not where many folk would go.
And in this place I often lie
And watch, each day, the boats go by.

I sit propped up against a bank
And from a tea-flask often drank.
I have a parasol above
As glaring sun I loath, not love.
And as I look upon the sea
I'm also sheltered by a tree.

Out in the ocean sails a boat
And oh, I hope it's still afloat!
For it doth hold my dearest friend
Whom many days and weeks doth spend
So many hours in dangerous work
When I had wished him be a clerk.

So this is why I'm always here
Because my friend is very dear.
And in this place he's always close
Despite the crashing waves, so gross.
And one day he'll be coming home
And never more the seas to roam.


  • Accidental Poet

    A great poem and story Alf. It's interesting to put ourselves in the shoes of another and imagine why their there or what might be on their mind. A great write.

    • Alf W

      Thank you so much, and yes you are right. One thing I love to do is see a painting, for example, and try to imagine a story around it.

      • Accidental Poet

        There you go, a poem in the making.

      • myself and me

        Your poem paint such a beautiful picture of a young lady at the harbor. A lovely story well told.

        • Alf W

          Thank you so much.

        • Michael Edwards

          As I read it I was there - so descriptive and it tells a great story as a good poem should - enjoyed the read.

          • Alf W

            Thank you.. I appreciate your response.

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