Louis Gibbs



The revelation of the apocalypse

As portrayed in the bible

Depicts but a glimpse

Of what is in store.


Our pending annihilation will be

Matched in horror only by the

Final gruesome battle for the

Survival of the survivors.


Sweet Dreams!




  • Nicholas Browning

    Nice poem. Food for thought is a good thing.

    • Louis Gibbs

      Your response is appreciated, Nicholas.

    • Michael Edwards

      Sweet dreams indeed - a terrifying thought - great poem though.

      • Louis Gibbs

        A bit tongue-in-cheek, or sick humor ... I'm not sure. Thanks for your response, Michael.

      • Goldfinch60

        Good write, the horror of war must be stopped.

        • Louis Gibbs

          I agree, though it would be like putting the genie back in the bottle. Thanks for your reply, Goldie.

        • orchidee

          Good write. Let's hope and pray it will be frustrated. In the past it's gone wrong, in that things 'backfired' or something. I've not kept up-to-date with it much though.

        • orchidee

          I was about to post a poem including 'a time for everything'. It includes 'war' and a couple of other things - maybe Old Testament thinking? Yet it's not my poem for today.

          • Louis Gibbs

            Thank you, orchidee, for both replies. I look forward to seeing the poem you refer to!

          • private poet

            There is an awful lot to worry about in this situation.

            • Louis Gibbs

              Just saw in the news that North Korea has backed down for now on their threat to Guam. We can back off on the worry a little, Thanks for reading and responding, pp.

            • malubotelho

              This is the time when you try to have a restful mind but something keeps dripping there and won't let you rest. The thought. The bad thought.

              • Louis Gibbs

                Sorry if my poem caused you concern, malubotelho. Just speaking what is to my mind the obvious direction of our creation ... this world. See my comment to private poet above.

                • malubotelho

                  Oh yes! I got it. Thanks

                • FredPeyer

                  Sweet Dreams, indeed! More like a nightmare, but a really well written one! Chapeau, Louis, dream on....

                  • Louis Gibbs

                    Just sayin. Thanks Fred.

                  • sue.evans

                    Spine chilling!

                    • Louis Gibbs

                      A fascinating time to be alive, wouldn't you say?

                      • sue.evans

                        Yes I agree!! 'we live in interesting times!'

                      • George C. Biester

                        Love it. I find the idea of Iminent death to be comforting, and blissful. Perfect note to sleep on.

                        • Louis Gibbs

                          Your reply is appreciated, George!

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