Louis Gibbs


It breaks my heart

Witnessing the narrow-minded


Displayed at every turn ...


Every action and reaction

Shoved in our faces daily by

Every information source as

Though any point of view was

An absolute ...


As though there was a

Modicum of wisdom revealed

In all the verbosity espoused



Is this embarrassment to

Intelligence everywhere,

Throughout the universe,

The best our species can do,

Can achieve?


The obvious answer

Breaks my heart.





  • lasergraph

    It breaks my heart too.

    • Louis Gibbs

      Thank you for your sympathetic reply, lasergraph!

    • Nicholas Browning

      It's sad. Really sad. I could elaborate, but you've said enough. Thank you for this.

      • Louis Gibbs

        Sad indeed. Thank you for commiserating, Nicholas!

      • Michael Edwards

        Narrow mindedness, arrogance, self aggrandizement , name them all but my favourite is selfishness - I see them all on the pavements , in the shops, on the road etc. They all take on worse turn when they are displayed by certain politicians. And this is a grand write Louis.

        • Louis Gibbs

          Thank you for your grand reply, Michael!

        • orchidee

          Sounds like me on a sherry day?! Does it?! heehee.

          • Louis Gibbs

            I'm sure your sherry day is a more merry day, Thanks for your reply, orchidee.

          • Poetic Dan

            I feel these words so strongly
            I'm also grateful for a place like this
            There are more of us everyday
            Choosing to make a change
            There's an Infinite amount of ways
            We just got to keep saying what we say
            The most important of all
            Is to change the reflection of ourselves

            Thanks for helping get this out, carry on carrying on ;)

            • Louis Gibbs

              Yes, it is incumbent upon poets above all to make a change through well contemplated thoughts expressed in words. Right on, PD! I too am grateful for this forum.

            • Tony36

              Great write

              • Louis Gibbs

                Thank you so much, Tony.

                • Tony36


                • malubotelho

                  Very sad indeed. Great write Louis.

                  • Louis Gibbs

                    Thanks for your sympathetic response, mb!

                  • FredPeyer

                    Your excellent and to the point poem reminded me of an interview I heard yesterday on Public Radio (while driving) between the interviewer and a republican congressman. The questions were good and demanded precise answers. The congressman did not answer the specific questions once, but kept talking around the bush, repeating himself. Does he think we are all morons?
                    No wonder the expression 'intelligent politician' is an oxymoron!

                    • Louis Gibbs

                      They must assume we are morons the way they act. They all learn to avoid direct questions, or it comes naturally. You nailed it with 'oxymoron'! Thanks for your reply, Fred.

                    • sue.evans

                      Sad but true - but I believe these people get where they are by not what they know but who they know - a closed club of back slappers looking out for each other rather than the majority. We have become a selfish world😢

                      • Louis Gibbs

                        Sad but true, Sue. Thanks for the comment!

                      • Goldfinch60

                        Very good and very true write. So many people have the ability to help others but only want to help themselves as they see themselves better than everyone else.

                        • Louis Gibbs

                          Thanks for the observation, Goldie. It ties in with the poem I am submitting today ... 'The Ultimate Scheme'.

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