Struck Down.

On the tee they stood,

The man and the good priest,

To hit the ball round the course,

To see who could hit the least.


The man hit his ball,

And landed on the green,

The priest struck his too,

And broke the waters sheen.


The priest waded in the water,

And struck his ball to grass,

The man putted his ball,

But the hole it did pass.


The man just stood and swore,

“Sod it, missed the bugger” he uttered,

The priest just looked at him,

And “Do not swear!” he uttered.


The next hole was the same,

The man just missed the putt,

“Sod it, missed the bugger”,

Every time he did tutt.


The priest then said,

“If your swearing doesn’t cease

God will strike you down,

And take away your peace”


The last hole came at last,

And both were on the green,

The man missed the putt,

And was once more obscene.


Lightening flashed towards them,

The priest was looking smugger,

But the words he heard when he got struck,

Were “Sod it, missed the bugger!”.


  • Michael Edwards

    More than just a bit of a laugh - it's great - starts the day off well.

    • Goldfinch60

      Thanks Michael, have a good day.

    • orchidee

      Oh lol, a fine write G. I thought I heard a variant on this, where the priest was swearing, but I can't recall it. Either that, or I swooned and forgot the ending!

      • Goldfinch60

        Or you were at the sherry again. Thanks Orchi.

      • Accidental Poet

        'Tis a good day to start with a laugh. Great write Goldfinch. ; )

        • Goldfinch60

          Thank you AP, if I can make somebody smile during the day I feel I have had a good day.

          • Accidental Poet

            Then today has been a superb day for you. ; )

          • Louis Gibbs

            Much appreciated, this one! Well done bit of humor, Goldie.

            • Goldfinch60

              Thanks Louis, humour is always good.

            • WL Schuett

              Good one made me smile

              • Goldfinch60

                Thanks wl, it has done its job.

              • malubotelho

                Hei Gold. You excel here. Very fun reading.

                • Goldfinch60

                  Hi Mel, thank you glad you had fun with it, I did.

                • Nicholas Browning

                  I'm actually laughing pretty hard right now. This is as golden as the Gold in Finch, and speaking of: A round of applause. Well done.

                  • Goldfinch60

                    Thank you very much Nicholas, as I have said above if I can make somebody smile or laugh my day has been a good one.

                    • Nicholas Browning

                      You accomplished that goal sir. I was flopping around like a fish in a barrel.

                    • burning-embers

                      Oh dear lol he mised the communion wine that day. Nice one

                      • Goldfinch60

                        Thank you b-e, that communion wine has a great deal to answer for.

                      • Lizzy Renee

                        Nice Write

                      • myself and me

                        Thank you for this weekend dessert.

                        • Goldfinch60

                          Thank you. May your weekend be filled with laughter.

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